Aliza in the kitchen is famous cooking YouTube channel from Pakistan

aliza in the kitchen

Aliza in the kitchen is famous cooking YouTube channel from Pakistan. This channel focuses on making great, simple recipes for food that can be prepared at home so that you may prepare dishes with ease. One of the famous cooking channels of Pakistan, Aliza in the kitchen has more than 3 million subscribers and 300+ million views.

Aliza in the kitchen is famous cooking YouTube channel

Net Worth                  $660K
Created                      10 Jul 2017
Creator                       Aliza
Country                      Pakistan
Views                          308 M
Subscribers                     3.58M
Videos                        380+

Aliza in the Kitchen Creation

On 11 July, 2017 Aliza in the Kitchen was created by Chef Aliza after years of cooking and growing her cooking skills. Her love for cooking and exploring different cuisines is the reason behind the creation of her YouTube channel so she can share her experience with everyone. The person behind the channel is Aliza but her identity is not revealed and nothing except her name is known to her audience.

Aliza in the Kitchen Content

You may access hundreds of recipes from all around the world when Aliza is cooking on this channel. By following Aliza’s tips in the video cookbook, it’s quite simple to prepare an interesting dinner at home. Today, you can enjoy exotic dishes from Hyderabadi, Pakistani, Chinese, and India. In Aliza’s clear DIY tutorial, learn their traditional ingredients and culinary techniques. She will provide precise measurements, preparation times, and advice on how to prepare the dish properly. You shouldn’t be frightened to experiment because every recipe has been tried and tested to the fullest extent.

aliza in the kitchen

Aliza in the Kitchen Variety

Aliza can show you how to bake without an oven or how to create the best home bakery without using eggs. You can sample vegetarian, nutritious, and the finest dishes on the kitchen’s shelves whenever you want. What could be simpler than preparing a unique meal with the assistance of a pro, your culinary delights will astound and satisfy your family and friends.

Aliza in the Kitchen Popular Videos

The most popular video on the Aliza in the Kitchen is “Cake without Oven – Easy Cake Recipe – Cake Recipe Without Oven – Aliza in the Kitchen” and this video has more than 21 million views as of 2022. The second most popular video on the channel is “Eggless Butter Naan Recipe in Pan | Without Tandoor or Oven” and this video has 19 million views. Some other popular videos on the channel are “Rasgulla recipe | Bengali Rasgulla | Chenna Rasgulla”, “Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe (Only 3 Ingredients) | No Eggs | No Ice Cream Machine” and “Balushahi Recipe with Perfect Measurements | Halwai Jaisi Balushahi | Balushahi Recipe.”

aliza in the kitchen

Aliza in the Kitchen Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Aliza in the Kitchen is $660k as of 2022. The average daily income of Aliza in the Kitchen is $200 and $1500 is the weekly income of the channel. In the light of ad revenue the channel earns $6000 in a month and $107 per year. Above mentioned income comes from YouTube ad revenue, when additional sources of income are included, the average net worth can be 800 thousand dollars.

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