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Harindra Jayalal

Harindra Jayalal is a Sri Lankan journalist. He is an experienced and talented TV presenter and was news consultant at Swarnawahini. Harindra Jayalal started his YouTube channel in 2018 which has gained a total of 1.02 million subscribers.

Harindra Jayalal Biography and Net Worth

FounderHarindra Jayalal
FoundedMarch 31, 2018
CountrySri Lanka
Subscribers1.02 M
Videos286 videos
Views126 M

Harindra Jayalal YouTube channel

Harindra Jayalal has been working with Swarnawahini since 2001. He works as a news caster and program presenter. He is also featured on their famous political show called ‘Rathu Ira’ and he is also a presenter in their morning show named ‘Paththare’. Apart from being a TV presenter, Harindra Jayalal is also a lecturer and director at the Best Voice Media Academy, and founder and director of Best Choice Tours and Travels (PVT) Ltd. In 2020, at the 25th Sumathi Awards he was awarded the Sumathi Award for ‘Digital Social Media Award For Education’ for his efforts towards children’s education.

Harindra Jayalal

Harindra Jayala started his own talk show where he interviews various people. He conducts his interviews in a friendly manner which is appreciated by the guests and audiences alike. Harindra Jayalal doesn’t question his guests, he has a friendly talk with them and makes them feel comfortable. Harindra Jayalal is a multi-talented individual, he can be described as TV presenter, Media trainer, Lecturer, and News director.  He is a veteran TV presenter and he has heaps of knowledge regarding his field. He is one of the most famous Sri Lankan TV hosts and presenter. After initiating his YouTube channel on 31st March, 2018, he has been able to secure a total of 1.02 million subscribers on his channel which is not a small feat.

Harindra Jayalal performs interviews of various personalities on his YouTube channel. His channel is a hit among audience due to his persona and because of his approach towards the interview. He is friendly, calm and he doesn’t look like he is fishing for information. His interviews are usually 20 to 30 minutes long. The guests are visibly comfortable while talking to him and the overall manner of how the show is conducted one of the reasons of the show’s success. The YouTube channel publishes new content every week and sometimes twice a week. With a total of 286 videos Harindra Jayalal has been able to gain almost 126 million views on his YouTube channel.

Harindra Jayalal Popular videos

The interviews are conducted in his native language and his most popular video has a total of 4.3 million views. While his second most popular video has close to 4.2 million views. Many of his videos have close to 1 or 2 million views.

Harindra Jayalal

Harindra Jayalal Net worth

With almost 1.02 million subscribers and 126 million views on his YouTube channel the estimated net worth of Harindra Jayalal is said to be two hundred and forty thousand dollars. The monetized YouTube channel earns 1.21 dollars each thousand views it receives. However, these estimates only included Harindra Jayalal’s earnings from his YouTube channel, the total net worth of the TV presenter and personality is not a matter of public knowledge.

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