Waruni’s Kitchen is a Sri Lankan YouTube channel

Waruni’s Kitchen is a Sri Lankan YouTube channel.  It started 9 years ago and has a total of 486 videos on YouTube, with a total of 64.3 million views. There are 842 thousand of subscribers to this channel.

Waruni’s Kitchen

Net Worth$68,528
Created Date6th January 2013

Waruni’s Kitchen Video Content

Waruni’s Video content is all about cooking. The channel holds cooking videos revolving around Sri Lankan recipes. The most videos are about baking like cakes, muffins, bread, spring rolls, pastry. Waruni also uploads desi food videos like jalebi, samosa, chana chat, sandwich, paratha etc.

Waruni’s Kitchen YouTube Channel

Waruni’s Ketchun have demonstrated most of the wonderful and unusual cooking ways. The inspiration for the YouTube channel comes from the travel vlogs to different nations. Being exposed to many cultures and communities promoted Waruni to start the YouTube channel, where the natural qualities she inherited from her mother have helped her so much.

The recipes in this YouTube channel will help people make their favorite dishes, try them and enjoy them with friends and family. The audience should keep in touch with Waruni’s Kitchen YouTube channel because it offers more unusual trends and everything else.

Waruni’s Kitchen

Waruni’s Kitchen Net Worth

Waruni’s Kitchen’s average profits per video range from $27 to $292, and their net worth is estimated to be between $36 thousand and $76.1 thousand. The net worth is determined by a number of elements, including monthly views, country, subscriptions, and user involvement. We estimate that Waruni’s Kitchen earns between $111 and $1.2 thousand a month from their YouTube channel based on these metrics. The average likes on Waruni’s Kitchen YouTube videos are 1,304.

Waruni’s Ketchun Current Stats and Earning

Here are the statistics for the previous two weeks, broken down by day.

The lowest number of daily views throughout this time period is 33.50K. The most views per day are 91.54K. In comparison to the preceding period, Waruni had average weekly increase of 2.1% and monthly growth of 8.4%

Waruni’s Ketchun YouTube Subscribers Growth

According to the statistics listed in the table below, the number of subscribers has fluctuated during the previous several days.

waruni’s kitchen
 DateDate  SubscribersSubscribersViewssVideosVideos

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