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Hello Future Me

Timothy Hickson, also known online as Hello Future Me, is a New Zealand author, Lord of the Rings junkie, HTTYD nerd, Avatar geek, and Elder Scrolls lore enthusiast. His YouTube channel “Hello Future Me” where he posts he discusses books and word building, has crossed 949k subscribers and 124 million views.

Hello Future Me Biography and Net Worth

Net Worth                  $268 Thousand
Full Name                   Timothy Hickson
Birth Date                   22 December 1995
Age                               26 years
Birthplace                   Christchurch, New Zealand
Profession                   Youtuber, Writer
Subscribers                 949k

Hello future Me-Tim Hickson Biography

Hello Future Me

Timothy Hickson, better known as Tim was born on December 22, 1995, in Christchurch New Zealand. Tim is 26 years old and his birth sign is Capricorn. He was born and raised in New Zealand with his family and he was hardworking from his childhood. Tim got his early education in New Zealand and later enrolled in Law College. He is a lawyer from his education but from the start, he was not interested in that field. He was always into writing and his passion for writing grew stronger as he graduated. Tim left his full-time law job to focus on writing books and different content. From the start, he loved his work and never feared more and more work. Tim worked hard to be there where he is now. He has explained in his videos that he has spent many sleepless nights and he has to upload a video every Saturday. He said he always loved deadlines and most of the time his night went sleepless before the deadline.

He had no time for his friends, girlfriend, or games and has no balanced healthy life.  Despite this workload, he loves his work and deadlines are food to his soul. Someone told him that after a few years his YouTube channel will flop that phrase is truck in his mind and motivated him to work more and more. Tim’s unique YouTube content attracted many people around the world and his dedication is key to his success. He currently owns a cat named Momo and formerly owned a cat named Mishka, who died in 2019.

Hello Future Me Girlfriend

Hello Future Me

Tim has a girlfriend named Laura who appeared in some of his videos. Tim and Laura are in a relationship for 7 years and living together. After 7 years of relationship, Tim proposed to Laura in January 2022 somewhere in mountains. Tim admires Laura as she supported him and understands him when he is not able to spend time with her due to his busy routine. Tim and Laure are soon going to announce their wedding as Tim has already proposed to her.

Hello Future Me Channel Content

Tim created his channel “Hello Future Me” on 19 June 2015 and started uploading videos. His debut YouTube video, titled “My Camera Skills are Unsurpassed,” was published in August 2015. This video of “hello Future Me” has 6.7k views. “Lord of the Rings in Nutshell” was his second video and has 3.5 k views. Initially, the content of the channel was general rather than more focused on one genre.

His most well-liked series is on world-building, but he also discusses a wide range of other areas of writing stories and occasionally even creates theory videos. Avatar: The Last Air Bender, a Game of Thrones-a Song of Ice and Fire, The Lord of the Rings-The Hobbit, Harry Potter, and How to Train Your Dragon are some of his favourite books, which he frequently discusses in his videos. Tim’s most prolific and well-liked series is one in which he delves deeply into the mechanics of world-building in fantasy literature, frequently employing works with excellent world-building as models, such as A Game of Thrones and Avatar the Last Air Bender. Along with his primary channel, he also runs a vlog channel by the name of TwotheFuture that has 36k subscribers as of now. For him “the complex problems with mental illness in fiction” is his favourite video of all time. The most viewed video on the channel is “The Last Air bender is the worst film ever made-Here is why” which has 4.6 million views and the second most viewed video with 4.3 million views is “the psychology of Azula| Avatar: the Last Air Bender.”  

Hello Future Me Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Hello Future Me is 268 thousand dollars approximately. The average daily income of the channel is almost 52 dollars and the weekly income is 370 dollars. The channel earns 3920 dollars monthly from the ad revenue as our calculations only included the ad revenue. The channel Hello Future Me earns 44 thousand dollars yearly and that can be as high as 60 thousand dollars when the channel performs better. He may earn through other sources also but only ad revenue is considered here, so his net worth can be a little bit higher from this.


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