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Henry Ford II

Ford II was also referred to as ‘HF2’ and ‘Hank the Deuce’. Ford was a U.S.-based businessman. He was majorly involved in the automotive industry as he was the grandson of Henry Ford I.

Henry Ford II Biography And Net Worth

Net worth $400 million
Full NameHenry Ford II
Birth DateSeptember 4, 1917
BirthplaceDetroit, Michigan, United States
 DiedSeptember 29, 1987
WifeKathleen DuRoss
Henry Ford II

Early Life

Born in Detroit Michigan, He was the eldest son of Edsel Ford I. He was the eldest grandson of Henry Ford I, who developed the Ford Motor Company. In 1936, he completed his high school education at Hotchkiss School. Following that, he went to Yale University. He was part of the business staff of the university’s humor magazine ‘The Yale Record. In 1940, he left Yale without completing his degree. Later, he joined the ‘Zeta Psi fraternity.

Henry Career

During World War II, Ford II was serving in the Navy. During this time his father was the president of the family-owned Ford Motor Company. However, in 1943, Edsel died of cancer and Ford was serving in the Navy he couldn’t join the company. He left Navy in the July of 1943 and joined the company’s management. He became the President in 1945. The company was left in his chaos, sales were declining and Ford didn’t have much know-how of the business at the time. When he gained the presidency, Ford started making many changes in the company. He hired Ernest Breech and Lewis Crusoe. The two helped Ford navigate the company and provide the experience he needed. He hired a team named ‘Whiz Kids’. The team was best remembered for designing the famous 1949 Ford.

In addition to being the president, he also became the CEO of the company in 1945. In 1960, Ford was also made the Chairman. The same year, he resigned from his presidency. He eventually resigned from his CEO position in 1979 and in 1980 he also retired from his position as the Chairman.

In the 1960s, Ford was heavily involved in the development of ‘The Lincoln Continental Mark III’. He decided on the exterior and interior of the car. His development of Mark III is considered the highest point of his career in the company.

Henry Ford II

Henry,s Achievements

  • 1969 – Presidential Medal of Freedom
  • 1983 – named in Automotive Hall of Fame.


Ford married three times and had three children with Anne McDonnell. He then went on to marry Maria Vettore. Later, he married L. David DuRoss’s widow Kathleen DuRoss. Ford was stepfather to Kathleen’s two daughters.

Ford II Death

He died when he of 70 years old. He died of pneumonia.

Net Worth

He was the eldest grandson of Henry Ford I. Ford developed one of the most successful automobile companies. The family-owned business was taken over by Ford II in 1945 and he served for almost 35 years in the company. With a huge legacy left behind by his grandfather, Ford II was able to maintain a massive net worth of 400 million dollars.

Ford II Features

Eye colorBlue
Hair ColorGrey


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