Hiru TV is ranked the no.1 TV channel in Sri Lanka Its founder is Rayynor Silva, and it is owned by Asia Broadcasting Corporation

Hiru TV

Hiru TV is ranked the no.1 TV channel in Sri Lanka. Its founder is Rayynor Silva, and it is owned by Asia Broadcasting Corporation. Hiru TV has a digital television channel that has DVB-T2 pictures and stereo sounds, Hiru is the first and only one in Sri Lanka to have this. Their content includes Teledramas, International TV Series, Music, Movies, Documentaries, Entertainment, Political, Children’s Programmes, and News. Hiru’s headquarter is in World Trade Center, Colombo. Hiru has its own slogan that says “This is the new era of television (translated in English).

Hiru TV is ranked the no.1 TV channel in Sri Lanka

Net worth            $3.8 million
Country               Sri Lanka
Founder               Rayynor Silva
Created                19 May 2015
Views                    1.2 billion
Videos                  22,817
Subscribers         2.5 million

Hiru TV Launch

Hiru TV was launched on 23 May 2012 and was the first one to have DVB-T2 pictures and stereo sounds. It covers the whole island from day one. It has a wide range of programs for its viewers. It has high define technology and a quality program for its audience. Hiru has a variety that starts from teledramas to simple music.

 With so many options it became no.1 in Sri Lanka. You can watch their shows on TV or online on YouTube. Hiru’s news channels are Hiru TV News and Paththare Visthare. Hiru TV as broadcasts international shows and cartoons for kids such as Ben 10, Pluto, Shaun the Sheep and many more. It has broadcasted many telefilms that are famous and loved by the people.

Hiru TV

Hiru TV YouTube Launch

Hiru TV made a channel on YouTube on 19 May 2015.  On YouTube, you can find it by the name @hirutvofficail. It has 2.5 million subscribers on YouTube and almost 22,817 videos on its channel. They have a variety of programs on YouTube as well. each video gets an average of 971 likes and an average of 47 comments. Total views are 1.2 billion on YouTube. After being available on YouTube, it has become easy for Hiru TV’s fans to watch their favorite shows.

Hiru TV availability

Hiru TV is Available on UHF channel 38 in Kikiliyamana, UHF channel 23 in Badulla, UHF channel 45 in Colombo and Gongala, UHF channel 23 in Hunnasgiriya, UHF channel 22 Kurunegala, UHF channel 22 in Nayabedda, UHF channel 60 Neboda, and UHF channel 21 Ratnapura.

Hiru TV Popular Videos

On Hiru’s YouTube channel its most viewed video is a song named Santhosai which was posted a year ago and has 8M videos on it. This video has almost 9K comments and 124K likes. The second is a video with 7.4M views and 552 comments. It has a total of 16K likes. On the third is Pem Rasa Wahena which was posted 4 years ago and has 5.7M views. This video has 638 comments and 13K likes.\

Hiru TV

Hiru TV Net Worth

Hiru TV has a net worth of $3.8 million. In the last 7 days, they have made $13,858 and in the last 30 days, they made $59,729. Hiru’s monthly income ranges from $41.4K – $932.2K and their yearly income range from $504.1K – $11.3M. Hiru’s estimated monthly income from YouTube is $932.2K.

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