Swarnavahini TV is an entertainment and news television channel that is broadcasted in Sri Lanka

Swarnavahini TV

Swarnavahini is an entertainment and news television channel that is broadcasted in Sri Lanka. Swarnavahini uses Sinhala language. It is owned by EAP Broadcasting Company and its founder is Lyca Group, Ben Holdings. It is a popular channel in Sri Lanka and has almost 3.16M subscribers on YouTube. Swarnavahini is available on Dish TV and Dialog TV.

Swarnavahini TV is an entertainment and news television channel

Net worth            $2.49 million
Country               Sri Lanka
Founder               Lyca Group, Ben Holdings
Created                19 November 2014
Views                    2.1 billion
Videos                  19,724
Subscribers         3.16 million

Swarnavahini TV Launch

Swarnavahini was launched in 1994 as ETV and was the first private TV channel in Sri Lanka. In 1995, ETV 2 was launched and ETV was named ETV 1. The owner of the company named his company EAP Broadcasting Company (Private) Limited on 16 May 2012. Swarnavahini made its YouTube channel on November 19th, 2014.

Swarnavahini TV YouTube Channel

Chancel being a hit on television made its way to YouTube on November 19, 2012. The channel has 3.16 million subscribers with 19,724 total videos on YouTube. After TV Derana, Swarnavahini has the greatest number of subscribers. It holds entertainment videos in the Sinhala language. The total views of the channel are 2.1 billion. Each of the published videos gets almost 104 comments and more than 2 thousand views. On YouTube, it is named swarnavahinitv.  

swarnavahini tv

Swarnavahini TV Channel Content

This channel provides viewers with captivating and quality content. It provides content for every age. It is airing teledramas, cartoons, and dubbed movies/teledramas. The most popular is their news reading program Mul Pituwa which aired its 1000th program on 30 March 2006. Their content is up to mark, and they keep up with the views of the viewers. They make content keeping their country and its values in mind. Swarnavahini has its app as well which will be available on Google Play and App Store soon.

Swarnavahini TV Popular Videos

Having over 3.16 million subscribers on YouTube their most viewed video is Mage Sanda Obai’s theme song which has over 6.8 million views. Having a total of 901 comments on the video. The second most viewed is Nadagamkarayo Episode 1 which has almost 4.7 million views and a total of 2.8k comments.

swarnavahini tv

TV Net Worth

Swarnavahini TV’s net worth is from $778K – $4.67M (given on their page). Its monthly income ranges from $93.7K – $2.1M and its yearly income ranges from $1.1M – $25.6M. they earn almost $2.1M from YouTube monthly. In the last 7 days, Swarnavahini TV has earned $15.5K. in the last 30 days the TV channel has earned $91.8K and in the last 90 days, they earned 301K.

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