ITN Sri Lanka for Independent Television Network Ltd. It is owned by the Sri Lankan government

ITN Sri Lanka

ITN Sri Lanka stands for Independent Television Network Ltd. It is owned by the Sri Lankan government, which is a television and radio broadcaster. It is located in Wickramasinghepura, Battaramulla, Sri Lanka. It is broadcasted in three languages: Tamil, Sinhala, and English. ITN covers 99% of the island. It operates three FM radio stations: Lakhanda, Vasantham FM, and Prime Radio. ITN operates the Vasantham TV channel and broadcasts content in the Tamil Language. They launched ITN News recently.

ITN Sri Lanka for Independent Television

Net worth            $1.4 million
Country                Sri Lanka
Founder               Shan Wickremesinghe                               Anil R. Wijewardene
Created                2 March 2018
Views                    986.1 million
Videos                  15,586
Subscribers         1.31 million

ITN Sri Lanka Launch

ITN Sri Lanka was founded on 13 April 1979. They were the first television broadcasting service in Sri Lanka and South Asia. It was first privately owned channel in the country. ITN Sri Lanka’s founders were Shan Wickramasinghe, Anil Wijewardene, and Bob Christie. Due to the geographical location of their transmission station, weather and equipment used they faced many problems that resulted in disruption and interference in programmes. On 5 June 1984, ITN relocated its transmission station to Wickramasinhapura. In 1992, it was a public company. On 25 June 2009, they started their second television channel Vasantham TV. On 12 November 2009, they launched Prime TV and Prime Radio.

ITN Sri Lanka

ITN Sri Lanka YouTube Channel

ITN Sri Lanka made their YouTube channel on 2nd March 2018. This is also Sri Lankan-based channel. On YouTube, you can find the channel by name of @itnsrilanka. On YouTube, their subscriber count is 1.3M and the total videos uploaded are 15,856. Each video gets an average of 2K+ likes and an average of 111 comments. ITN’s total views are 986.1M. from YouTube, they earn thousands each month and are Sri Lanka’s favorite YouTube channel. It is available on television and online which makes it easier for its fans to watch.

ITN Sri Lanka

ITN Sri Lanka Channel Content

ITN broadcasts a variety of programs that are available in different languages such as Sinhala, Tamil, and English. Following are the programs that ITN broadcasts:





Educational programmes

Children’s entertainment

Dubbed programmes

Game shows

Reality TV

Religious programmes

Political debates

ITN has another channel Vasantham TV and an FM channel Vasantham FM that broadcasts content in the Tamil Language. They also provide a variety of content on their channel. Prime TV and Prime radio are other channels that broadcast content in English. Another channel Lakhanda broadcasts content in the Sinhala language providing a variety of educational, political, and religious programs.

ITN Sri Lanka Popular Videos

ITN Sri Lanka’s most popular are their short videos. The viewed one has 3.7M views and was posted 8 months ago. The next one has 2.8M views and was posted a year ago. On the third is again a short video that has 2.2M views and was posted a year ago.

ITN Sri Lanka Net worth

ITN Sri Lanka’s estimated net worth is 1.4 million. In the last 30 days, they have made $6,162 – $66,854. Their monthly income from YouTube is $822.3K. they make almost $36.5K – $822.3K per month and their yearly income ranges from $444.6K – $10M.

Learn More About ITN SriLanka social Media Platform:





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