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Janai Priyai

Priyai became a YouTube sensation in Sri Lanka after they joined the platform on 26th June,2016. Janai Priyai is a comedy channel with jokes for people of ages.

Janai Priyai Biography and Net Worth

Net Worth$289K
FounderRanga Jayakodi and Chamal Ratnayake
FoundedJune 26, 2016
CountrySri Lanka
Subscribers1.02 M
Videos306 videos
Views239 M

Janai Priyai YouTube Channel

Janai Priyani was developed by Ranga Jayakodi and Chamal Ratnayake. The duo has been able to secure people’s heart through their comedy. Every household in Sri Lanka is aware of the comedic duo mostly due to their YouTube channel. The two comedians are known for their ability to impersonate characters, which was the point of commonality between the duo, which eventually led towards the inception of the idea of a YouTube channel. Although, initially they wanted to start their own TV show but that didn’t work out according to their plan. However, they didn’t let one failure stop them and as a result they started publishing a series of short clips featuring the duo.

Janai Priyai

Janai Priyai started as a Facebook page where the duo posted their short comedy sketches.  With constant love and support from the audience the duo decided to go on and started their own YouTube channel by the name of Janai Priyai in 2016. The channel also includes Gimantha Arampath who works as a videographer for the YouTube channel. Janai Priyai comedy style is light and fun with no double meanings. The duo wants to approach comedy without bringing double intend and multiple meanings to their clips. Janai Priyai are aware of the fact that most of their following includes children and teenagers hence they want to make content that is appropriate for all ages especially for young children. Janai Priyai is a famous Sri Lankan household name now. With their age appropriate content and perfect comical timing, the duo has managed to secure a large following on their YouTube channel.

Janai Priyai as a duo are also working on their first Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projected called ‘Making smiles with Janai Priyai’. The aim of their project is to help low resourced communities by donating essential items.

Janai Priyai

Janai Priyai has publish a total of 306 videos and has been able to secure close to 239 million views. The YouTube channel also has a total of 1.02 million subscribers.

Janai Priyai Popular videos

Janai Priyai has a total of 2.2 million views on their most famous video. The video is titled ‘Parissama’ and also has 29,000 likes. The channel’s second most popular video is titled ‘Thakkali’ and the video has 1.9 million views and 32,000 likes. The channel also has a video featuring Lochi titled ‘Janai Priyai Ft Lochi- Gadget Eka..’ which has been able to secure 1.9 million views. Videos titled ‘Janai Priyai – Anka Eka’ and ‘Koththuwa’ both have almost 1.7 million views.

Janai Priyai Net worth

The comedic duo have been estimated to make a net worth of two hundred and eighty nine thousand dollars for themselves through their YouTube channel called Janai Priyai.

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