M.R Kitchen is a widespread YouTube channel that catches the eyes of the viewers

m.r kitchen

M.R Kitchen is a widespread YouTube channel that catches the eyes of the viewers through its delicious and tempting recipes. As the name suggested, M.R represents Madu Rajapaksha generally belongs to Sri Lanka. Through her videos, she inspired the young girls to earn by themselves through the social media usually promoted the food channel through her scrumptious recipes. She perceived the fame of her channel after seeing millions of subscribers and videos on her YouTube videos that motivated her to make more videos by using different striking crockery and make the best food recipes one can ever have.

M.R Kitchen is a widespread YouTube channel

CreatorMadu Rajapaksha
JoiningAug 13,2019
LocationSri Lanka

Food is the only way of changing someone’s worst mood into the happiest mood that has been proved by M.R kitchen. She put a lot of effort on her end in order to make her YouTube channel bloom. From using colorful crockery to making the delightful dishes she won the hearts of million viewers and observe her views leading from hundred to thousand and from thousand to millions.

M.R grasps the attention of subscribers and viewers within months. She was became successful playing with the vegetables and turning it into delicious dishes, with her enthusiastic style. She was specialized in the food preparation techniques she became popular You Tuber.

m.r kitchen

M.R Kitchen Popular Videos

Nobody can avert the situation when it comes the matter of food. M.R Kitchen had made outstanding videos to make the recipe’s videos worth watch and not only see it also urges people to try right after seeing the recipes because the recipes are so easy and quick to make as well as delicious to try and gulp in one’s tummy to fulfill the hunger pangs.

 The latest video of M.R Kitchen got 89K views and 2K likes in that recipe she shared the recipe of coconut mile sweet that nobody can resist to try and make at home. Moreover she had received 153K views and 3.1K likes on the recipe of potato roti she shared two weeks ago from now in which she shared with the viewers the easy and quick way of making potato roti. She got 1.5M views on the videos that she used to make during covid/lockdown times as that was the time people used to get themselves busy in trying different recipes.

M.R Kitchen Net Worth

Up till now, M.R Kitchen had made 625 videos and witnessed 189,305,951 total views on these videos that is just an outstanding juncture. The regular earning of M.R Kitchen is estimated at around $62 to $669 and also their estimated net worth till now is nearly $88.3 thousand and $464.9 thousand.

m.r kitchen

The net worth of M.R Kitchen is always calculated on the base of numerous factors like viewer’s engagement, subscribers, views and country. Based on these metrics it is suggested we can make the estimation of M.R Kitchen earnings that can be between $1 thousand $11.3 thousand a month from their YouTube channel.

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