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Jane Zhang has gained a number of awards including the nine awards for Best female Singers of the Pop music belong to Beijing, Two awards for Chinese Gold Records, and also an MTV award for European music. Jane Zhang also was the constituent of the list of the annual celebrities belonging to Forbes from 2006 to the year 2013. In the year 2016, Government announced about her annual net worth was 1.1 billion Yuan.

Jane Zhang sang a song for a Chinese movie named “Only for Love” in October 2006. In October 2006, Jane Zhang launched her first music album that remained in the top ranking. She also remained the ambassador for the “United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund” (UNICEF) in 2007. Jane Zhang wrote a song by herself for that event named as “We are Together”. 

JANE ZHANG Biography And Worth:

Full nameZhang Liangying
Tag nameJane Zhang
Date of birthEleventh of October 1984
Age38 years
Zodiac signCapricorn
BirthplaceChengdu, Sichuan, China
Marital statusUn-married

Biography of Jane Zhang:

Jane Zhang is a well-known songwriter as well as singer, who opened her eyes to this world on the Eleventh of October 1984 and the birthplace of Jane Zhang was the People’s Republic of China. The full name of Jane Zhang was “Zhang Liangying” which is a production in Chengdu, Sichuan, China. Now according to 2022, the age of Jane Zhang is 38 years old. The zodiac sign of Jane Zhang is Capricorn according to astrology.

Family background of Jane Zhang:

The father of Jane Zhang was a Truck driver named “Zhang Huaqing” who mostly lived far from their house due to his job work type. And the mother of Jane Zhang was an assistant in the department store named “Zhang Guiying”. In an interview, Jane Zhang revealed that their parents divorce each other and after that, she lived in a bar for six years and earn money from singing in bars and pubs for a little amount of Payment. When the age of Jane Zhang was fifteen years old, her father died.


The net worth of Jane Zhang:

Jane Zhang is one of the best singers in China and also was invited to the world’s best hundred singer’s conference in her career. She is belonging of the most popular singers and songwriters in the world. According to the reports and the research, we revealed that the total estimated net worth carried by Jane Zhang is 1.5 million dollars.   

Dating and relationships of Jane Zhang:

The bases of different research sources and records of Jane Zhang proved that she does not have any dating or personal relationship with anyone in past. Jane Zhang is single until now and also was not engaged in the past. Jane Zhang does not want to waste her time on dating and some emotional relationships but she wants to focus on her career completely.

Some lesser-known facts about Jane Zhang:

Jane Zhang made his space as the best-ranked singer and the writer of songs in the music industry. And Jane Zhang also made his space among the most popular and the ranked famous people who belong to the “people’s republic of China”. He celebrates his birthday every year on the eleventh of October.

  • Jane Zhang also has the honor to attend a charity dinner along with the former president of Australia Bob Hawke in April 2006 named “When I Was Young”.
  • Jane Zhang attended a dinner in January 2007 that’s venue was in the United States embassy in Beijing. That dinner was held in the honor of a Public Image ambassador belonging to the US named Michelle Kwan.
  • Jane Zhang was in another dinner in October 2007 that was arranged by the Embassy in which China has to welcome the United State’s Public diplomacy for government with a special envoy known as “Cal Ripken Jr.
  • Jane Zhang sang a track named “The Moon Represents My Heart” in July 2009on at the forum of Changsha for the fifth Cross-straits Trade, Economic, and cultural forums.

Trivia about Jane Zhang:

Jane Zhang has a passion for the children right insight her. Due to this passion, she called for some children in 2010 that belong to poor families and also who are from the region affected by the disasters and lead them to visit the Expo center Shanghai. In the year of 2014, Jane Zhang introduced and created a fundraising spectrum for needy children named “Blue Action”.

In 2010 February, Jane Zhang released her fourth self-created music album. Jane Zhang along with the famous singer of Honk Kong Jacky Cheung and Somali K’naan who perform the Original song of the FIFA football world cup in 2010, performs “Wavin flag” a hit song collectively at the venue of Coca Cola pavilion In the Shanghai world Expo premium in 2010. After that, she performs for a series of functions and concerts in a variety of cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, and Tianjin. Jane Zhang also has the honor to perform in “Asia” in October of 2010.

Apparent looks of Jane Zhang:  

Jane Zhang is a smart and attractive girl who is actually a big name in social media and especially in the music industry. She has leaned body structure that suits her very much and makes Jane Zhang a fascinating personality. The height of Jane Zhang is five feet and four inches (5’4”) and according to this height, the body weight of Jane Zhang is fifty-nine kilogram (59kg).

Jane Zhang has black-shaded beautiful, shiny, and long hair that gives her a doll-type look. On the other hand, Jane Zhang has mesmerizing dark-brown-shaded eyes.

Eye colordark-brown
Hair colorblack


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