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Pyong Lee Biography

Pyong Lee whose full name is Jaime Young-Lae Cho hails from Brazil and his for-fathers was resident of Korea. Pyong Lee is a YouTube star and expert on Hypnotization who has participated in Season 20 of “Big Brother Brasil”. Along with YouTube, Pyong Lee is a magician, and a huge number of his videos subjected the public entertainment and also the involvement of the Public in her videos. Sometimes, we can watch Pyong Lee in the collaboration with other eco-social media users and social media stars especially, the YouTube star named Rafael Moreira. On May nine 2014 was the say when he took the first step toward creating his YouTube channel. On the date of thirtieth May 2014, Pyong Lee published his first video on his YouTube channel. In this post, you will find out all the required information and biography about Pyong Lee that you want to know about your favorite social media influencer including family, education, career, etc. So, continue reading this article.

Pyong Lee Biography And Net Worth:

Full nameJames Young-Lae Cho
Tag namePyong Lee
Date of birthTwenty-third of September 1992
Age30 years
Zodiac signLibra
Marital statusMarried
Spouse nameSammy Lee

Biography of Pyong Lee:

Pyong Lee is a Brazilian Social media influencer especially, famous for the YouTube channel and TikTok videos that he posted on his accounts. Pyong Lee opened his eyes to this world on the Twenty-third of September 1992 and now according to 2022, Pyong Lee is thirty years old active and vibrant personality. The Birthplace of Pyong Lee was Sao Paulo, State of Sao Paulo, Brazil and currently, he is also a resident of Sao Paulo, Brazil.  The Zodiac sign carried by Pyong Lee is Libra according to the prediction of Astrology. Pyong Lee owns the nationality of Brazil and that is the reason that the mother tongue of Pyong Lee is Portuguese and Korean.  

Pyong Lee

Family, Dating, and marital status of Pyong Lee:

The information about their mother and father of Pyong Lee is not revealed by him in any interview or videos, however his younger brother is known with the name of Pyong Cho who is also a social media active personality.

 On the bases of research, we found that Pyong Lee is married to Sammy Lee who was also their girlfriend of Pyong Lee. Both Pyong Lee and Sammy Lee may have a daughter child but it is not confirmed. Except for Sammy Lee, Pyong Lee does not date anyone at any time as he is more focused on his career.

Educational background of Pyong Lee:

For taking start of his education Pyong Lee took admitted in local school of Brazil named “Colegio e Curso Objectivo”. Pyong Lee completed his high school from there and enrolled in the University of Brazil named “UNIP-Universidade Paulista Sao Paulo, Brazil” from where he completed his graduation. Now Pyong Lee is graduate citizen.

The Net worth of Pyong Lee:

Pyong Lee is included in the most famous and he richest professional YouTube and social media influencers. The list of the most popular and richest Social media personalities carried Pyong Lee at somewhere at the top of the list. On the bases of research, Reports of Forbes and other sources, we have revealed that the total estimated Net worth of Pyong Lee is round about 1.5 million dollars.

Pyong Lee earned his net worth from the social media applications as well as from other forums including his Hypnotization talent and magic tricks. Pyong Lee is also actively participates in the acting on variety of Television shows.

Some lesser-known facts, Trivia about Pyong Lee:

  • Pyong Lee owns the nationality of Brazil.
  • Portuguese and Korea are the two mother tongues of Pyong Lee.
  • When we talk about his food habits then we come to know that Pyong Lee is non-vegetarian.
  • Pyong Lee is the production of Sao Paulo which is a state of Sao Paulo in Brazil.
  • Father and Mother’s Names of Pyong Lee are not revealed by him until now. On the other hand, he has a brother named is Pyong Cho who is also active on social media.
  • Pyong Lee used to post his daily life routine on his YouTube channel was created in 2014.
  • Sometimes we can watch him in the collaboration with other social media influencers especially, with Rafael Moreira.
  • The YouTube channel of Pyong Lee now contains more than seven million fans following.
  • In 2018, Pyong Lee remains a participant of Forbes also.
  • Pyong Lee is also the participant in a hit Television show named “Big Brother Brazil” season 20 in the start of the year 2020.   

The career of Pyong Lee:

Pyong Lee was an active personality on Social media but he want to give his career a great break so that he can gain huge popularity. So, Pyong Lee took the debut of his expressive career on a Television show named “Big brother Brazil” in season 20 in the year 2020. Pyong Lee is a well-known vlog creator for his YouTube channel where he used to post his daily life vlog entries that is created for only professional purpose by Pyong Lee. 

Pyong Lee
Pyong Lee

Pyong Lee has to honor to create his first YouTube channel on Ninth of May 2014. He posted his first video on his self-created YouTube channel on Thirtieth May 2014. Along with his other talents, Pyong Lee is also a magician and used to produce videos in which he provides the chance to the common public to take part in his videos.  In 2018, Pyong Lee also remains a participant of Forbes 30 which was under 30.

Apparent looks of Pyong Lee:

Pyong Lee is an active and vibrant personality. The height of Pyong Lee is Five feet and six inches (5’6”) and according to this height, the weight of Pyong Lee is seventy-two kilogram (72kg).

Pyong Lee has dark-brown shaded eyes and black-shaded hair that are fascinating and make him an active guy.

Eye colordark-brown
Hair colorblack

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