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Jelle Van Vucht, better known online as Jelly, is a Dutch YouTuber with millions of subscribers on youtube. His gaming videos, vlogs, and streams have made him famous. Grand Theft Auto V, Minecraft, and Fortnite are among his most well-known series. Jelly is one of the most energetic and entertaining YouTubers around. Along with Slogo and Crainer, Van Vucht is a member of Robust.

Jelly has around 22 million subscribers as of now. In total, his videos have received over 14 billion views. In the top 100 gaming YouTubers of all time, he is ranked 15th. In June 2015, Jelly reached a million subscribers, and in December 2018, he received his diamond play button for ten million subscribers.

Jelly Biography and Net Worth

Real Name    Jelle Van Vucht
Birthday    14 October 1996
Birth Place    Roermond, Netherlands
Age                      26
Profession    YouTuber, Gamer
Net Worth          $50 million

Jelly Early Life

Jelle Van Vucht aka Jelly was born in Roermond, in the south of the Netherlands, on October 14, 1996. He is 24 years old as of 2022 and his astrological sign is Libra. He is a citizen of the Netherlands. His brother’s name is Koen Van Vucht.

In terms of his educational background and credentials, he enrolled in an audio-visual course in Eindhoven to learn more about video production. However, due to the difficulties imposed by his other enterprises, such as his YouTube channels and clothing line, he had to stop his studies in the middle. Similarly, he discovered that his businesses were more profitable than any employment he had previously held. Furthermore, after meeting Kwebbelkop while filming a video, he became a good friend.

Jelly Career

GTA5Videos is Jelly’s first channel, and he published his first video in November 2011. This channel was obviously dedicated to GTA and everything related to it. Everything began in June 2014, when Jelly released his debut video on his YouTube page. He racked up thousands of subscribers in a short period of time, and his video grabbed the curiosity of many.

Then, on average, his Youtube videos began to receive about 3 million views per day, and he began to make thousands of dollars every year. Jelly also created his own web businesses, where he began selling various types of outfit things to his admirers. He has negotiated sponsorship agreements with a number of firms who support his videos and other initiatives. He started his youtube channel with a series of GTA Five Funny Moments videos and short clips. And the videos frequently featured unsuccessful manoeuvres or hilarious moments from the game. Jelly, like his friends Kwebbelkop and Slogo, did stunts and race course plans.

Jelly has always been passionate about creating gaming tips videos that assist many young people in playing games more effortlessly.

Furthermore, he became a member of a gaming group known as “Robust,” which consisted of young people who enjoyed playing video games such as Scrap Mechanic, GTA, and Gmod. And, as a result of his gaming knowledge, he was able to create videos with tips on how to play these games better. He also posts hilarious gaming videos and vlogs on his channel. He also collaborates with famous Crainer and Slogoman on videos several times, and has worked with other YouTubers on occasion, including PewDiePie, one of the most subscribed and followed YouTubers .

Jelly Girlfriend

Sanna, a fellow YouTuber, has been Jelly’s girlfriend and they are dating since 2014. Sanna also has her own channel called “IamSanna.” He had never been in a relationship before this and was single. This year marks the duo’s sixth anniversary together.

Similarly, he frequently travels with her to new areas and countries, including Sweden, Spain, and the United States, whenever and wherever she desires. Sanna, his girlfriend, speaks a variety of languages, including Norwegian, Dutch, Swedish, English, French, and Spanish, which will aid the couple in settling in any area of the world.


Jelly Net Worth

Jelly’s net worth is estimated to be in the $50 million range.

YouTube and ad money are his principal sources of income. Jelly posts two videos per day, with the channel’s videos receiving an average of 11 million views per day. Ads that appear in the video generate an estimated revenue of around $88,000 per day. Jelly makes roughly $32 million every year as a result of this.

Jelly has an online store where he sells products to his supporters, which generates a significant amount of revenue that can be enhanced by sponsorship partnerships. On March 17, 2019, Jelly uploaded a video where he displayed his magnificent mansion for $6,500,000.

Jelly Height, Weight and Body measurements

Height                               5.4 ft         
Weight                              80kg
Chest size                          42
Waist                                  34
Bicep                                  13
Eye colour.                        Brown
Hair colour                         Dark Brown


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