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JJ Olatunji

Olajide Olayinka Williams “JJ Olatunji (KSI)”. is an English YouTuber, movie maker, actor, “musician,” and professional boxer best known for his music career, superstar vloggers, boxing promotional company, and challenges with the Sidemen. Online, JJ Olatunji is also known by the handle KSI.

JJ runs the KSI and JJ Olatunji solo YouTube channels. He currently works in a group named The Sidemen. The second-most subscribed YouTube career KSI in the United Kingdom with 23+ million subscribers, the primary channel of JJ. While second channel JJ Olatunji is the sixth-most subscribers with 15+ million subscribers youtube kingpin.

JJ Olatunji (KSI) Biography And Net Worth:

Net worth                $15 million
Full Name              Olajide Olayinka Williams Olatunji
Birth Date              19 June 1993
Age                           29 years old
Birth Place              Watford, United Kingdom
Occupation             Youtuber|Rapper|Media Personality
Girlfriend                 Anne-marie

JJ Olatunji Biography

JJ Olatunji, formerly known as KSI, is a British YouTuber. He is known for his game commentary videos, chart-topping rap hits, and boxing spectacles.

He is a member of the gaming YouTuber group Ultimate Sidemen, along with Vikram Barn (Vikkstar123), Josh Bradley (Zerkaa), Tobi Brown (TBJZL), Simon Minter (miniminter), and Ethan Payne (Behzinga). They also have their own exclusive Sidemen merchandise.

Profession YouTuber

JJ Olatunji is a famous British YouTuber. He is known for his crude and sexual humor in his videos. KSI has a younger brother, who creates similar content. He is also a member of the Sidemen, a group of YouTubers that have formed a gaming community on YouTube.

Ksi is the founder of the streetwear clothing brand Beast Worldwide, a subsidiary of Endemol Shine Group, and was named 2nd in The Sunday Times’ list of the top 100 UK influencers. He is also a co-owner of Prime Hydration and XIX Vodka.

In 2013, he formed a gaming group called the Ultimate Sideman with Vikram Barn (Vikkstar123), Josh Bradley (Zerkaa), Tobi Brown (TBJZL), Simon Minter (Miniminter), and Ethan Payne (Behzinga). He is one of the seven members who have gone on to become highly popular in the gaming industry.

KSI started his first YouTube channel on July 25, 2009, as KSIOlajideBT but changed it to his more well-known name, KSI, in 2010. KSI has two channels, the main one is KSIOlajideBT with 23.7 million subscribers and the second is JJ Olatunji with 14.7 million subscribers.

He started off his YouTube career by posting gaming videos. He later began to make more comedic-style videos, real-life sketches, and skits.

After creating a large following on his gaming channel, he gained popularity as a vlogger and began to post more personal videos. He began to receive a lot of racism for his “posh private school voice” and “white-facedness”, which caused him to lose subscribers.


However, he was able to recover from this by becoming more comedic and engaging with his audience. He also created a rivalry with Joe Weller and fought an actual boxing match in February 2018.

His career took a turn when he went on an “evolving phase” where he did not post any videos or social media for five months. KSI stated that this was because he wanted to take a break from the spotlight and get closer to his fans.

He was then re-instated by his fans and was a major contributor to YouTube community again. They have over 4 billion views on channel and is the 22nd most subscribed in the world. KSI also has a net worth of $100 million. He is a highly successful and talented artist. KSI released several music videos and albums. He has collaborated with many artists such as MNDM, Waka Flocka Flame, Craig David, Digital Farm Animals, and Lil Pump. His songs include Dissimulation, Jump Around, Keep Up, Friends with Benefits (ft. MNDM), Really Love, Poppin (ft. Lil Pump), Lamborghini, and Don’t Play.

Outstanding Rapper

JJ Olatunji is a British YouTuber, rapper and boxer. KSI is the co-founder of the British YouTube group Sidemen and is also a successful music artist. He has amassed more than 30+ million subscribers and over 6 billion views on YouTube andalso released several hit songs, including Dissimulation.

He started his YouTube career in 2009 as KSI and posted gaming videos on FIFA and Modern Warfare 2. His channel was primarily a gaming vlog, but he expanded to include other types of content and became a major YouTube star.

In 2013, he formed the Sidemen with Miniminter, Zerkaa and Vikkstar123; they all have their own separate gaming channels. They all post gaming content together and often make collaborations.


Since then, they have amassed a large following and their collaborative videos have been viewed over a billion times. They have made a number of popular gaming vlogs and pranks.

KSI also has an active social media presence on Twitter and Instagram, where he posts photos of himself with other famous YouTubers. It has over 1 million followers on Twitter and over a half a million followers on Instagram.

He has also been featured in many movies and TV shows. KSI was a part of the 2016 comedy Laid in America and the 2017 drama The Sidemen Show. He has also appeared on other shows such as the Keeping Up with the Kardashians and The Voice UK.

His first studio album, Dissimulation, debuted at number two on the UK Albums Chart in 2020. His second album, All Over The Place, debuted at number one in 2021.

Aside from his YouTube and musical endeavors, he is a professional boxer and a co-owner of Prime energy drink and XIX Vodka. He is also the CEO of Misfits Boxing.


JJ Olatunji has dated several women. He has been with Seana Cuthbert (2012-2014), Lois Sharpie (2017) and Nia Pickering (2018). He has also dated a few other people.

During his relationship with Seana, he was frequently featured in her videos and they frequently mentioned each other in their social media posts. Their relationship lasted for about 2 years before they split.

Best Boxer

Olajide Olayinka Williams “JJ” Olatunji, also known as KSI, is an English YouTuber and rapper who began his career as a gaming commentator for the FIFA video game series. KSI later transitioned to vlogging and comedy videos. He has since released a variety of albums and is known for his crude and sexual humor.

They became a star on YouTube in 2009 and gained a large following. He has over 23 million subscribers and is considered one of the most influential YouTubers in the world. He is also a co-founder and member of the Sidemen, a group of British YouTubers. They has also co-owned and created several companies, including Prime Hydration, XIX Vodka, and the Sides restaurant chain.


In 2018, JJ fought British YouTuber Joe Weller in an amateur boxing match that was broadcast on YouTube. The match was won by JJ with a technical knockout.

Deji Olatunji, also produces similar content on YouTube. Their channel, ‘ComedyShortsGamer’, has over 10.6 Million subscribers and 2 Billion views.

The brothers have both been ranked first and second on Tubular Labs’ BBC list of the Uinted Kingdom Most Influential YouTube Creators in 2015. Their combined social media reach is over 40 million.

Both brothers have a high level of public attention and their YouTube channels receive thousands of comments daily from fans. They are also popular on Twitter and Instagram, with their combined following reaching over 2 million followers.


Although Olatunji has never beaten a professional fighter, he has fought in a couple of exhibition boxing matches against other YouTubers and has won each of them. In the first match against Logan Paul, he defeated him by split decision and then in the second match, he won by a technical knockout.

KSI is a huge fan of boxing and regularly watched fights from the boxing circuit. He has a training regimen that includes strength training and boxing. KSI trains twice a day. He takes his fitness seriously and believes that it helps him to be a better athlete.

In 2017, he started working out and competing in boxing tournaments. He has also been involved in a boxing feud with fellow YouTuber Joe Weller. They are scheduled to compete in a boxing match in February 2018.

Famous Singer

JJ Olatunji is a singer and YouTuber from Watford, Hertfordshire. He is known for his songs Lamborghini and Keep Up. KSI has a large fan base and has made millions of dollars through his YouTube channel. It has also appeared in many music videos and he has worked with many people.

He is famous for his football-mocking songs and for his controversial video gaming videos. It’s started off as a commentator on the FIFA series of games and was soon known for his comedic style. He has also done several vlogs and comedy skits.

His first rap song was Heskey Time, which was about the English footballer Emile Heskey. He then joined rapper Sway on his track No Sleep. KSI also collaborated with Droideka, directing and appearing in his music video for Get Hyper. He has also acted in a couple of movie and plays.


In 2017, he got a tattoo of “KSI” meaning Knowledge Strength Integrity. He also got a purple Lamborghini Aventador which was prominently featured in his Lamborghini video. He is also a fan of Arsenal F.C.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, JJ Olatunji has a net worth of $25 million. He owns a number of properties in England. KSI also has three companies with an equity of $2.2 million.

He has been a part of the Sidemen, a group of YouTubers who have become popular in the gaming community. He is the leader of the group and his fellow Sidemen members are Miniminter, Zerkaa, TBJZL, Behzinga, Vikkstar123, Wroetoshaw, and Ethan Payne.


KSI has a large number of subscribers on his two YouTube channels. He has a combined social media reach of 40 million. He is a popular music artist and has released several albums. It is also a professional boxer. He has a number of fans all over the world.

His YouTube channel has gained over 28 million subscribers and over 6 billion views. KSI has also received numerous awards. He is currently the third most-followed YouTuber in Britain, behind Ed Sheeran and One Direction.

In 2017, JJ Olatunji went through a period of ‘evolving’ which meant he did not post any content on his YouTube or social media for 5 months. This was to give him time to evaluate his life and career. He also stated that he does not care about fame or money. He also claimed that he wants to clean himself up as a person.

KSI Early life

On June 19, 1993, Olajide Olayinka Williams, also known as KSI, was born and raised in Watford, Hertfordshire, England.

KSI was brought up in Berkhamsted and attend Berkhamsted School. Where he met future Sidemen teammate Simon (Miniminter).

In Sutton, Greater London, KSI unleashed attended the Homefield Preparatory School, a private boys preparatory day school founded in 1870.

JJ Olatunji

KSI Family and Friends

Olajide Ademola Olatunji, Sr. is the name of his father. His dad, Jide, is well known for being videographer for his son’s videos. And Yinka Olatunji, also known as Olayinka Atinuke Olatunji, is his mother.

His parents house also have Nigerian origin. Deji, ksi’s younger brother, also bears the same name. In 2015, he and his brother were listed #1 and second among “UK’s Most Influential YouTube Creators.”

KSI Career

KSI released his first YouTube channel “JideJunior” on April 24, 2008. JJ posted his debut album video, LOOKING THROUGH SPACE, on the same day the channel was launched. He and his friend Patrick content creator the various videos as a part of a school assignment.

KSI revealed got into a back-and-forth on Twitter with his first-ever professional boxers opponent Joe Weller by bringing up a poll from 2017.

The earliest example of this phenomenon is the KSI vs Joe Weller event that took place in 2018, planting the idea of YouTuber boxing in the heads of many of the internet’s top creators.

YouTube Career

He started official YouTube channel, KSI, on 24 July, 2009. JJ Olatunji has 23+ million subscribers now on this channel. He confirmed video about the FIFA video game series watch ksi expressed for this channel.

Earlier, FIFA and association football were the main topics on his main channel. In addition, he performed for other games like Grand Theft Auto V.

Achievements of JJ Olatunji

Videos of him playing horror, arcade, and casual games can be found on his other channel JJ Olatunji. Following his conduct at a Eurogamer event in 2012, he found himself at the heart of a controversy.In 2013, his name was included in the Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition. He secured a contract with the Maker Studios subsidiary network in October 2013.

Every young person in England dreams of meeting real-life football players, and he has achieved such achievement by playing the FIFA video game. Rio Ferdinand, a former defender for Manchester United, also invited him to play the FIFA videos game with him at his restaurant to boost a fifa games YouTube channel.

Boxing Career of KSI

He appeared as an actor in the 2016 British comedy Laid in America and was the focus of the 2018 documentary swarmz KSI: Can’t Lose, which followed the events leading up to his debut amateur boxing match.

KSI is a well-known rapper in addition to youtube history. Dissimulation, his debut studio album dissimulation at number two on the UK singles Chart in 2020, while ‘All Over The Place,’ another second album at number one. More than 50 singles have been recorded by him so far. JJ Olatunji – has returned to the world of influencer boxing in a quest to settle his rivalry with bitter Jake Paul.

JJ Olatunji
JJ Olatunji

KSI and Sideman

On 19 October 2013, JJ along with his four British popular YouTube personality made the group Ultimate Sidemen. Later shortened to just Sidemen. Since 2014, the group included seven British YouTubers: Simon Minter (Miniminter), Ethan Payne (Benzinga), Vikram Barn (Vikkstar123), Josh Bradley (ZerkaaHD), Tobi Brown (TBJZL), Harry Lewis (W2S), and KSI. He wins icb world cruiserweight title and mf cruiserweight title. The group Sideman creates split decision online videos, including challenges, and video-game commentary, as well as selling exclusive Sidemen merchandise

Amateur boxing

With feuds among YouTubers growing in popularity, KSI announced ignited the new age trend of amateur boxing first fight contests between social media stars.

This continued when he that year ksi faced off against Logan Paul(KSI vs Logan). Alex Wassabi pulled out of the KSI fight ended after a concussion scare. The contest ended in a majority draw. But in 2019, KSI and Logan Paul engaged in conflict once more, with ksi technical knockout temperrr Logan Paul and winning this time. Millions of cash were made from the two matches.

KSI Girlfriend

JJ is dating someone but he didn’t reveal her name yet. He mentioned in a podcast that he is in a serious relationship and hopefully he will marry his current girlfriend. People think about his personal life that he is dating Anne but he didn’t ksi confirmed this.

He began meeting Lois in 2017 after his romance with Seana ended. But until October 2017, when he posted a video randolph titled “Mauritius with my girlfriend” in which he revealed her face, he kept their relationship a secret.

KSI NetWorth

KSI’s net-worth is estimated to be $15 million in 2022.

KSI Height and Weight

Height            5’10”
Weight           77 kg
Hair color     Dark brown
Eye color      Dark brown


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