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Christian Guzman

Christian Guzman Biography, One of the most well-known fitness personalities on the internet is Christian Guzman, an American amateur bodybuilder, fitness YouTuber,Vlogger, and fitness entrepreneur. His younger brother is Ivan Guzman.

After finding success online, he started the fitness clothing company Alphalete Athletics, which sells high quality, reasonably priced “athleisure” fitness and lifestyle products that has been displayed at international bodybuilding events including BodyPower UK.

He has more than 1 million subscribers to his YouTube channel, which he started in order to share his own fitness journey, workout advice and tutorials.He opened an alphalete gym in an “industrial style.”

Christian Guzman Biography and Net Worth:

Net worth                      $3 M
Birth Date                      20 February 1993
Age                                  29 years
Birthplace                      Houston, Texas
Profession                     Bodybuilder, YouTuber, Entrepreneur
Girlfriend                       Heidi Somers
Christian Guzman

Christian Guzman Early Life:

Guzman Biography, On February 20, 1993, in Houston, Texas, Christian was born. His younger brother Ivan Guzman and he are the luis guzman and Manuela’s only children. During his early personal life adolescence, he was more interested in playing the guitar and being a part of a rock band than sports.

Only until his band broke up did he start to focus on bodybuilding. His enrollment at texas christian university (texas state university) began in 2011, but he left in 2015 before earning his degree in order to handle the rising demands of his fitness-focused internet firm.

Christian nickname among his peers during his middle school and early high school years was “the tiny guy who played guitar.” However, after his rock band split up, he had new friends who met up three times per week to work out at a strength and conditioning camp.

He was motivated by them to concentrate on developing his physique and quickly developed a passion for weightlifting and fitness training and fitness youtuber. He started working out after school every day and eventually switched from strength training to muscle building to bulk up his short stature.

His exercise regimen also involved consulting professional bodybuilders online, including well-known fitness icons like Matt Ogus and Scott Herman, for inspiration and advice.

Christian Guzman Career:

At the age of 18, he placed an order for a video camera and started vlogging about his health and fitness management experience on YouTube as his body form started to alter. During his first year at college, in March 2012, he started a YouTube channel.

Along with displaying his changing physique, he frequently gave fitness advice that he had learned along the road. His videos were so in-depth and genuine that they occasionally got boring.

However, his sincerity and truthfulness quickly drew a sizable following to his channel. According to Christian Guzman, “people appreciate following a journey,” and his followers have inspired him to challenge himself and make constant growth.

Christian’s life ambitions were completely altered by YouTube, but after achieving his dream body, he has always wanted to host weekly training sessions to instruct younger children and guide them through exercises.

He was given an increasingly broad platform to share his personal life and knowledge with the globe thanks to YouTube. In Houston, Texas, Christian later created his own warehouse and the Alphalete Gym. He has since been selling his fitness and lifestyle goods under the name Alphalete Athletics. published an article on him before the end of 2015 with the lead 300,000 People Watch Every Time He Trains! He is one of the most well-known fitness YouTube celebrities as a result of this.

Business Career and personal life christian guzman:

Alphalete Athletics, a company that sells athletic clothing, was founded and is run by Christian. According to the LLC and trademark registration, he is one of the three creators and owners of 3D energy drinks. He founded Alphalete Athletics to offer workout and then lifestyle clothes after finding popularity on YouTube.

The general description of the clothes is “athleisure,” and it is thought to be both reasonably priced and of great quality.

The business has been promoted in major bodybuilding competitions like BodyPower UK and sells products all over the world. In Houston, Texas, he finally opened an Alphalete Gym in an “industrial style.”

Christian Guzman

Christian Guzman Girlfriend:

Guzman fitness entrepreneur dated Nikki Blackketter, a bodybuilder, long time ago. The duo also shared a joint YouTube channel “CG&NIKKITV”, however their relationship ended in the year 2016. Christian is now dating an internet fitness management icon, Heidi Somers also known as BuffBunny.

The duo revealed their relationship publicly in January 2017 after 1 year. Heidi is popular on Instagram and YouTube and other social media apps as well as an internet fitness management icon, she is known for her Hourglass Shape.

Christian Guzman Net Worth:

The estimated net worth of Christian is 3 million dollars approximately. Christian has many different sources of income like YouTube, Training programs, Gym, Clothing brand, and many other businesses he owns.

Apart from all these maximum income for Christian is generated from Alphalete Athletics as they sale high quality affordable apparel.

Christian Guzman Height and Weight:

Height                  6 ft.
Weight                 88 kg
Chest                    44”
Biceps                   17”
Waist                    32”
Eye color              Brown
Hair color             Brown


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