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Joseph's Machines

Joseph Herscher, known as Joseph’s Machines on YouTube is a popular YouTuber. Joseph is famous for creating amusing and engaging chain reactions. He has amassed over 1.74M  YouTube subscribers and 602 million views, thanks to his bizarre inventions including The Page Turner, The Lunch Feeder, and The Tooth Brusher. Joseph’s Machines is a well-known YouTube channel where he develops complex machines out of commonplace items. He also makes machines for a variety of businesses.

Joseph’s Machines Biography and Net Worth

Net Worth                     $1.5 Million
Full Name                      Joseph Herscher
Birth Date                      January 14, 1985
Age                                  37 years
Birthplace                     New York
Profession                     Youtuber, Artist
Subscribers                    1.74 Million
Views                               602 Million

Joseph’s Machines Early Life

Joseph’s Machines

Joseph Herscher aka Joseph machines was born on 14 January 1985 in New York and he is 37 years old as of 2022. He currently resides in New York City where he continues to build his wacky devices, raised in Wellington, New Zealand, and was educated there. He is a public speaker as well. Joseph is a kinetic artist who mostly specializes in making bizarre chain-reaction mechanisms. His first invention, the Lolly Machine, was created when he was five years old. He completed his early education and began studying design in college, then switched to computer science and earned a degree in logic and computation from Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand. He spent five years as a computer programmer creating front-end software interfaces. He made machines as a child in New Zealand to keep himself busy. He enjoyed finding solutions and making things better, such as by building a device that would let him turn off the light from his bed. He also delighted in amusing his parents.  He relocated to New York during this time since there were more career opportunities there. He spent four hours a day working on one machine after he joined YouTube

Joseph’s Machines career

Joseph’s Machines

On March 14, 2007, joseph started his YouTube channel Joseph’s machines. After releasing his first video 14 years ago on 14 March 2008, “Creme That Egg! | How to Squish a Crème Egg!” quickly gained popularity among the audience and Joseph began to receive job offers. This first video of the channel has 3.5 million views as of 2022.  After the success of YouTube, he left his job and became a full-time kinetic artist. Joseph made rapid progress in his profession in a short period, inspiring people with his work and skills, and gaining wide recognition. Due to his performances, Joseph Herscher became well-known both in his own New Zealand and abroad. He makes an appearance in Murray Monster’sPeople in Your Neighbourhood” section in a 2013 episode of Sesame Street.

He constructs a Rube Goldberg system to irrigate plants and exhibits how kinetic art functions. Because of his video “The Page Turner,” Herscher was given the opportunity to exhibit at the Venice Biennale. He revealed to the Herald newspaper his intentions to produce a kid’s program with a strong dynamic focus. “The Page Turner”, which has had 11 million YouTube views to date and was the catalyst for him being invited to appear on Sesame Street, has been his most well-known invention to date. JOSEPH’S MACHINES use common objects in unusual ways to tackle problems that arise every day. He produces them at his studio in London, UK. One of his best inventions to date with the maximum number of views on the channel is “The Lunch Feeding Contraptionposted 3 years ago and has 118 million views. Some of his videos that crossed 20 million views is “The machine made a sandwich and feed it to me (23 M)”, “How to pass the pepper when social distancing (20 M)”, “How to pass the salt while social distancing (22 M)”, and “The cake server (30 M).”

Joseph’s Machine Net worth

Joseph is one of the wealthiest and most popular YouTubers and has a net worth of almost $1.5 million as of 2022. Joseph’s machines earn 1250 dollars per day approximately. The weekly income of the channel is 8700 dollars and the monthly income is 40 thousand dollars. From all the calculations and views data, the approximate yearly income of the channel is 450 thousand dollars. We might be underreporting and an approximate yearly income of the channel can be as high as 600 thousand dollars. Joseph’s can also earn from other sources as YouTubers also have additional revenue sources like sponsorships and product sales etc.

Joseph’s Machine Achievements

He made his first invention, Lolly Machine at the age of five. At the McColl Center for Art + Innovation in Charlotte, North Carolina, he was an artist-in-residence in 2013. Jiwi’s Machines, a 2015 comedy web series, was produced and starred by Joseph. What’s Your Problem?, a new web series he co-created with Gemma Gracewood and produced by Augusto Entertainment, premiered in July 2019.


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