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Kai Greene

Leslie Kai Greene who is professionally now as Kai Greene is an American retired professional bodybuilder, personal trainer, artist, and actor. Leslie Kai Greene born on July 12, 1975 in Brooklyn, New York, USA has been nicknamed as The Predator and Mr. Getting It Done in the fitness industry.

Kai Greene Biography and Net Worth

Net worth$1.6 M
Full NameLeslie Kai Greene
Birth DateJuly 12, 1975
Age47 years
BirthplaceBrooklyn, New York, USA
WifeDayana Cadeau
Kai Greene

Kai Greene Early Life

Kai Greene was raised in foster care and residential treatment centers in Brooklyn from the age of 6. From the early age Kai Greene was a big kid and was growing up faster than kids his age. He had a troubling behavior in school which was an issue for the staff and students alike. In order to relieve his aggression he was referred to gym by his school authorities, which served as a great outlet for his aggression. After joining the gym Kai Greene spend most of his time during middle school traveling to different shows and wining teen titles. It was before his 19th birthday that he turned professional with a natural organization and held the title of being the youngest natural professional bodybuilder in the world.

Kai Greene Career

After intensive training Kai Greene competed in the National Physique Committee (NPC) with the goal of moving into IFBB. He won the 1999 NPC Team Universe but took a five years break from competitions afterwards. He later competed in NPC Team Universe Contest again in 2004 and secured a victory. This win qualified him for a career as an IFBB.

In 2011 joined the New York Pro championship and won the 1st price. He finished 3rd in Mr. Olympia in 2011 and hence was qualified to compete in the 2012 Mr. Olympia. He did not compete in 2012 New York Pro Championship to focus on Mr. Olympia and finished 2nd in Mr. Olympia 2012, 2013, and 2014. Kai Greene did not compete in Mr. Olympia after that and was given a special offer to compete in Mr. Olympia 2017 without having to requalify but he declined. He is often regarded as one of the best bodybuilders who haven’t won the competition.

Kai Greene won an Arnold Classic in 2016, which he had won twice in 2009 and 2010. He has not competed since his win 2016.

In addition to this Kai Greene has also been the subject for various documentaries. In 2009 he worked with director Mike Pulcinella and released a documentary by the name of Overkill that showed his training journey for his first appearance in 2009 Olympia. In 2010 they released a sequel titled Redemption, where he showed his philosophies and training for competing in 2010 Arnold Classic. Kai Greene also features in 2013 film Generation Iron in which his journey for the 2012 Mr. Olympia competition is showed. He was also featured in the sequels Generation Iron 2 and 3.

Kai Greene is also famous for his “mind-muscle connection” technique which he explained in an article published by Flex. He also has a sponsorship with Flex. And in 2015 he launched his supplements brand called Dynamik Muscle. He also developed a training program called The 5P which was launched in May 2016, and the name 5P is an acronym of his motto ‘Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance’. In addition to this, Kai Greene also has a sponsorship deal with sportswear brand Ryderwear. In association with Ryderwear he has released his signature line for sportswear and footwear. In 202, he signed a deal with sports supplement and clothing company by the name of REDCON1.

Kai Greene also has some acting credits to his name. He has starred in movies such as College Debts, martial arts film called Crazy Fist, and Pogaru. But his most famous acting credit is his portrayal of Funshine in the second season of Netflix’s famous series Stranger Things.

Kai Greene is also considered an artist as he created self-portraits of himself which he claims helps him build and maintain his ideal physique. In August, 2011 he exhibited his art to general public.

Kai Greene also co-host Generation Iron podcast with Krystal Lavenne but now he has started his own podcast by the name of Getting It Done.

Kai Greene

Kai Greene Social Media

Kai Greene has a total of 7.2 million followers on his Instagram. He also has a total of 328,400 followers on twitter and almost 55,300 subscribers on YouTube.

Kai Greene Wife

Kai Greene has been dating Haitian Canadian professional Bodybuilder Dayana Cadeau since 2007 and tied the knot recently in 2022.

Kai Greene Net worth

Kai Greene has an estimated net worth of 1.6 million dollars while some estimates state that it is close to 2 million dollars. Kai Greene is a professional bodybuilder and his other business ventures including acting, podcasting, and endorsements have helped him gain such a net worth.

Kai Greene Height and Weight

Eye colourDark Brown
Hair colourBlack


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