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German YouTuber Luca Tilo Scharpenberg or better known by his YouTube name laserluca primarily posts real-life videos as well as game videos and he tries to participate in e-sports on the side. On YouTube, he uploads Let’s Plays, comedic videos, response videos, and vlogs. The channel of Laserluca has crossed 4 million subscribers and 2.8 billion views with more than 3000 videos available on the channel.

Laserluca Biography and Net Worth

Net Worth                     $16 M
Full Name                     Luca Tilo Scharpenberg
Birth Date                     21 February 1996
Age                                 26 year
Birthplace                     Bielefeld, Germany
Profession                     YouTuber, Actor
Subscribers                   4.76 M

Laserluca Early Life

On February 21, 1996, in Hamburg, Germany, Laserluca was born. Luca is 26 years old as of 2022 and his birth sign is Aquarius. Scharpenberg completed a business administration degree at the Rheda-Wiedenbrück Einstein-Gymnasium. His father and mother both belong from Germany and he spent all his childhood there. While residing in Cologne, he spent the months of December 2020 and October 2021 renting an apartment in Hamburg. He will likely reside in Hamburg from March 2022 to the end of 2022 as his residence in Cologne is being refurbished.

Laserluca Start of the YouTube

The concept for Scharpenberg’s initial channel originated with a friend. The channel included Let’s Plays for The Sims 3 and Minecraft. Later, strange videos were released, and he left the channel as a result. There are no more videos available right now on YouTube. Shortly after, his ConquerorLp channel, the precursor to his present primary channel, followed. The only way that this channel evolved in the direction of Minecraft was through the content it provided. He opened the ConCrafter channel, where only content related to Minecraft should be posted, in order to study the interaction between the Minecraft theme and the name. This channel’s original videos are no longer accessible on YouTube.

Laserluca Career

On August 2, 2011, Scharpenberg launched his YouTube channel. At first, he mostly posted Let’s Play videos for the video game Minecraft. Since the middle of 2015, new videos of games, preferably autonomous games, have also surfaced, pushing Minecraft to the side. His channel’s content underwent a significant adjustment in the middle of 2016. Then came more and more vlogs, challenges, and humorous videos. The majority of his videos have Luca’s face in the thumbnails. This either describes his response to the video’s subject matter or is tailored to the video’s content.

Since late 2015, he has become a Studio71 member. The channel is the seventh most subscribed YouTube channel in Germany as of 2022 with over 4.7 million followers. His logo, a happy face, is also used to sell merchandise through the Holy mesh Company. Depending on the channel, it can also be seen as a logo on YouTube. Luca has been refocusing on Minecraft since February 2021. He is recreating the game in a new project called Minecraft with Luca, which has been split into two seasons beginning November 1, 2021. Minecraft with Luca’s second season is officially over.


Laserluca Other YouTube Channels

Early in 2019, the “Lucrew” channel was established with the goal of gaining 100,000 subscribers in a single week. After this time, when the channel had 200,000 followers, Scharpenberg started using it for quick vlogs and future stream collections. In the spring, Scharpenberg had excellent success with the Lucrew channel for responses and challenges, such as B., “This video finishes when… “Or something comparable. The channel has been primarily used for streaming and stream compilations since the fall of 2020. The phrase alludes to the Lucrew, the name of Scharpenberg’s settlement. As of august, 2022, the channel had 865,000 subscribers.

More vlogs and question-and-answer videos, or so-called Q&As, are published on his other channel, Luca 3. Since December 2018, no fresh videos have been added to the channel. The channel is a standby channel that is not in use. Scharpenberg also manages the Dick & Doof Shorts YouTube channel, formerly known as Luca Stories, where he regularly posted his Instagram stories from January to August of last year. He released brief snippets of his video podcast Dick & Doof in portrait format for the YouTube shorts category from December 2021 to March 2022. Most of them have already been placed on the Tiktok platform. The old videos from the channel are no longer accessible; however, the highlights from his Instagram story are still there, and on 2022, the channel has 98,000 subscribers.

Laserluca Girlfriend

Luca revealed in a vlog in June 2018 that he was dating Juli; however, their relationship ended in December 2019. Right now Luca is single and not dating anyone.

Laserluca Awards

Luca got Second place in the 43-international youth competition “Discover the diversity: design nature” and the Climate Protection Award 2013 for the short film Environmental Police.

Laserluca Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Luca is $16 million approximately. Luca has many sources of earnings other than YouTube. The channel Laserluca earns 7000 dollars daily and 60 thousand dollars weekly. The average monthly income of laserluca is 300 thousand dollars and 2 million dollars is the yearly income of the channel.


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