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lee najjar

Lee Najjar is a Puerto Rican real estate developer and television personality who appeared in the famous reality tv show The Real Housewives of Atlanta from 2008-2009. He got famous as sugar daddy of cast member from season 1 &2 Kim Zolciak.

Lee Najjar Biography and Net Worth

Net Worth                       $50M
Full Name                        Lee Najjar
Birth Date                        1970
Age                                    52 years
Birthplace                        Puerto Rico, United States
Profession                        Television Personality, Real-Estate Mogul
Zodiac Sign                       N/A
Spouse                              Kimberly Naija
 Active Years                    2008-2012

Lee Najjar Personal Life

Lee Najjar was born in 1970 in U.S territory of Puerto Rico. He is married to Kimberly Najjar alias OG KIm. They have two kids together. They are named Jeremy and Katelin. His son is the CEO of Smash Entertainment Inc. whereas his daughter is an online blogger & social media influencer. There were speculations that the two were getting divorced because of his affair with Kim Zolciak but weren’t true. However, Zolciak and Najjar broke up once the show was over.

lee najjar

Lee Najjar Career

He is a real-estate developer and mogul. He was started as a real estate agent in Atlanta, Georgia. Lee Najjar flourished well in the real estate business. Lee Najjar came under the limelight after appearing on famous Bravo network reality show The Real House Wives of Atlanta. He appeared regularly in season 1 and 2 of the show. Lee Najjar was named Big Poppa.

He was a mysterious sugar daddy to the cast member Kim Zolciak. Lee Najjar bought her range rover, a town house and many other expensive gifts that Kim couldn’t afford otherwise. Lee Najjar maintained heavy and lavish lifestyle of Kim from his own earned money. Najjar was known for flaunting his wealth and funding Kim even for her unsuccessful music career. During the show,He lived in a $25 million exotic mansion located in the upscale neighborhood of Buckhead, Atlanta, Georgia. He kept appearing on the show till the last episode till 2012. He was also was featured on an MTV reality tv show episode of Teen Cribs.

Lee Najjar Legal Issues

In 2012, Lee Najjar was arrested a few times, once for DUI-driving under influence on 7 November 2012 from Fulton County Georgia. He faced another legal case because he failed to maintain a storm-water system at one of the properties under his ownership. He was asked to pay $75000 as fine in contempt of court for not appearing on the hearing date.

Lee Najjar Net Worth

Lee Najjar has a net worth of approximately $50 million estimated in the year 2022. His main sources of income are through real estate business, investments and starring in Bravo network tv show the real house wives of Atlanta. His assets that add to his net worth are multiple properties and cars. He has a big mansion in California state of USA. Besides that, he has a few more properties in cities of Los Angeles, New York, etc. His massive $13.8 million mansion has a king-sized bed, home theatre, a music studio, a house salon, and a private spa.

lee najjar

Lee Najjar Body Features

Height                   5 ft 11 in
Weight                  88 kg
Eye Color              Black
Hair Color             Grey


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