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Liam Thompson

Liam Michael Thompson, also known online as Liam Thompson, is an Auckland, New Zealand-based vlogger on YouTube. For his YouTube channel, he completes peculiar challenges. He uploads weird content with no proper theme on his channel. Liam Thompson has 2 million subscribers on youtube and million or views.He passed the US Navy SEAL Fitness Test in his backyard on April 24, 2020, making him eligible.

Liam Thompson Biography and Net Worth

Net Worth          $1.5 Million
Full Name           Liam Thompson
Birth Date          April 25, 2000
Age                     22 years
Birthplace         Auckland, New Zealand
Profession        Youtuber
Subscribers      2 Million
Liam Thompson

Liam Thompson Early life

On April 25, 2000, Jill and Will Thompson welcomed Liam Michael Thompson into the world in Auckland, New Zealand. Alex, Isla, and Evie are his three sisters. In Auckland, Liam attended the Mount Albert Grammar School and the Balmoral School. He was a math and physics star in school. In 2018, he graduated and enrolled in an engineering institution. He quickly left, though, to pursue a career on YouTube. He also kept his options open for a while by enrolling in police college.

He also started doing occasional furniture moving and thought about going to film school. He was first actively discouraged by his parents from pursuing YouTube as a career, but he eventually made it his full-time job. When Liam Thompson dropped out of engineering school and informed his parents that he wanted to become a full-time YouTuber, they gave him a three-month deadline to start making some headway on the platform and warned him that if he did not, he would need to find a legitimate job.

Liam Thompson Career

The self-titled YouTube channel of Liam Thompson currently has over 2 million followers and an amazing 293 million views. The channel had been started by him on April 11, 2016. He has, however, been uploading content to YouTube since the middle of 2019.

On May 17, 2019, he published his debut video, “I ran 10 kilometres every day for a year.” After he published I Taught My Dog to Play Minecraft on September 29, 2019, his most well-liked video to date, the popularity of his channel skyrocketed. To far, the video has received over 22 million views. Max, his labradoodle pet, was featured. Liam successfully trained his dog to stomp on enormous, specially designed keyboard buttons and play Minecraft by giving him snacks.

He only had 80 subscribers at the time, but after posting the video, he had 150 thousand. His cat Frodo can be seen in a few of his videos.

His videos generally lack a unifying topic. His YouTube channel attained the million-subscriber milestone in July 2020. The next day, he commemorated his achievement with a video in which he is shown buying Max a billion dog biscuits.He once made a video in which he created his first meme and posted it to PewDiePie’s Subreddit. His liamthompsonofficial Instagram account has more than 63.7 thousand followers. He has a TikTok account under the name liamthompsonofficial, but he rarely uses it.

Liam Thompson

Liam Thompson videos

In his videos, Liam Thompson frequently uses the words “Epic,” “Noise,” “Snaaap Brotha,” and “Or at least not yet.” He strives to create videos on issues that are distinct from what other YouTubers are talking about. His most watched videos include My Dog Defeats The Ender Dragon in Minecraft (over 3 million views), I Taught My Dog to Play Rock, Paper, Scissors (over 3.9 million views), I Taught My Dog to Write His Name (over 3 million views), I Taught My Dog to Play the Piano (over 8 million views), I Painted the First Page of Harry Potter on My Wall (over 3 million views), and My Dog Plays the Piano (over 3 million views).

Liam Thompson Girlfriend

Liam is single and not dating anybody  as of 2022. No previo relationship details of Liam Thompson  is available. Liam is a private person maybe that’s why he isnt sharing his personal life.

Liam Thompson Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Liam Thompson is $1.5 million approximately. The average daily income of the channel is $600 and weekly income is $3700. Monthly income of the channel is $6200 and channel earns $300k yearly.

Tesla Liam now owns (a black model 3) but when he bought it, he was too young to go for a test drive. Even though he was paying for it with his own money, he still required his parents’ consent.

He now mostly makes money from YouTube advertisements. He dedicates four days to each video, including two for completing the concept, one for filming, and one for editing. He moves to a new house he bought with his own money in 2022.

Liam Thompson Height and Weight

Height                6’1”
Weight               71kg
Eye color           Blue
Hair color          Black


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