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Mane Garrincha

Garrincha was a Brazilian professional footballer. He played a vital role in Brazil’s victory in 1858 and 1962. He has won a Golden Ball, Golden Boot, and the World Cup in the same tournament. In 1994, he was named FIFA World Cup All-Time Team and had his name on the Brazilian Football Hall of Fame. He mostly played for the Brazilian Team.

Mane Garrincha Biography and Net Worth

Net Worth                       $1.5 M
Full Name                        Manuel Francisco dos Santos
Birth Date                        28 October 1933
Age                                    49 years
Birthplace                         Mage, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Profession                        Professional Footballer
Wife                                   Elza Soares                                             Nair Marques
Mane Garrincha

Garrincha Early life

Garrincha’s right leg was 6 centimeters shorter than his left leg and the doctor certified him as a crippled child. His father was an alcoholic and Garrincha was shorter than other kids. He was also known as Mane.

Garrincha Club Career:

In 1953, he signed for Botafogo. Garrincha had some extraordinary skills like dribbling the ball through the legs. In 1953, he played for Botafogo, he won the game, and scored a hat-trick. He played with many great players. In 1957, he helped his team win Campeonato Carioca and scored 20 goals in 26 games. He played for Botafogo for 12 years and won many matches. He won many championships such as Campeonato Carioca 3 times and scored 232 goals in 581 matches. Garrincha made history in the club.

In 1966, he was sold to Corinthians. After some years, he signed a contract with the Colombian team. In the same year, he went to Brazil. In 1958, he gave balling lessons to Vairo a player of River Plate. His last professional match was in 1972 but he still played till 1982. Many European clubs wanted to sign him such Juventus. Italy and Real Madrid also wanted to sign him.

Garrincha International Career

Garrincha played almost 50 international matches between the years 1955 and 1966. When he was with Brazil, he only lost one match which was the 1966 World Cup. He used to line up with Pele and when they were together Brazil couldn’t lose a match.

Garrincha scored his famous goal ten days before the 1958 World Cup. In the first two matches, he was not selected but in the third match against USSR, he made a debut with Pele. Brazil won the match 2-0. In the quarterfinals, they won the match against Wales in 1958. In the finals, Brazil won its first World Cup and Garrincha was the Player of the Match.

In the 1962 World Cup, he was an excellent player and scored 4 goals in two matches. Brazil won its second World Cup, and he was again The Player of the Match. In 1966 he suffered a knee injury but still played and won the first round against Bulgaria. In 1973, he decided to leave professional football.

Garrincha Death

In his adult life, he was an alcoholic and had many road accidents. Garrincha died from Cirrhosis of the liver in 1983. His last years were unhappy because he was becoming a forgotten hero.

Mane Garrincha

Garrincha Net worth

Garrincha’s net worth was almost $1.5 million before his death.

Garrincha Wife

Garrincha married Elza Soares in 1966 and they had a divorce in 1977. His first wife was Nair Marques and they got married in 1952. They later got divorced in 1965.

Garrincha Body Features:

Height                   5 ft 7 in
Weight                    —
Hair Color              Dark Brown
Eye Color               —


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