McFly et Carlito Two French comic videographers, David Coscas and Raphael Carlier

mcfly et carlito

Two French comic videographers, David Coscas and Raphael Carlier, are more known by their respective stage names of Mcfly and Carlito. Since 2016, they have established their own YouTube channel after being made public by the YouTube channel Golden Mustache. Mcfly and Carlito, recently attracted more attention from people after they got into a discussion about their song.

McFly et Carlito Two French comic

Net Worth$4.29 Million
Full NameMcfly et Carlito
Birth Date7 July 1986
Age36 years
Number of Subscribers7.12 Million

Mcfly et Cartilo Early Life

On July 7, 1986, David Coscas, also known as Mcfly, was born in Gennevilliers. He was raised by a middle-class Jewish family in Bois-Colombes. Carlito, sometimes known as Raphael Carlier, was born on August 30, 1986.

Since its launch in 2005, the video network YouTube has grown steadily, establishing itself as one of the major online media outlets today. However, the platform’s performance is closely correlated with that of its users, particularly content producers, also known as YouTubeurs. Additionally, YouTube has published its annual list of the top movies and creators in France for the year 2021.

mcfly et carlito

Mcfly et Cartilo Career

He is the brother of author Stéphane Carlier and the son of journalist Guy Carlier and Jeannine. Despite not being in the same class, the two members of the duet run into each other at the Albert-Camus high school in Bois-Colombes. Raphael is in the literary debut whereas David is in the scientific premiere. When they graduate with a bachelor, they choose to work in the media. Raphael Carlier succeeds on the ESEC admission test.

Under the aliases Mcfly and O’Connell, they broadcast a show on Mouv’ radio (La Metal Academy or La Metal Ac’) in 2003 when they were 17 years old. They produced Le Fat Show, a television programme, in 2013. They join the Golden Mustache collective in September 2014, at the beginning of the third season. Their song “He put his sex” was the first video they uploaded there. Then they go on to perform more songs or comedy or show clips from their video series Do they have a heart, in which the two buddies enjoy poking other individuals in the face to see how they respond.

Mcfly et Cartilo Wife

Erika Fleury and Cartilo are happily married right now. They also have two children. Despite being very secretive about his personal life, Carlito wrote his beloved a kind greeting on the occasion of their second anniversary. Stephen and Jonah, two little sons whose faces they never share on social media, were also born to the couple.

mcfly et carlito

Mcfly et Cartilo Net Worth

On YouTube, Mcfly et Carlito’s entertainment channel has acquired 7.12 million subscribers. Only YouTube advertising revenue is used to calculate the $4.29 million estimate. In truth, Mcfly et Carlito could perhaps have a far bigger net worth. If we take into account all of their sources of income, Mcfly et Carlito’s net worth might reach $6.01 million.

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