Swan and Neo The voice Swan and Neo is a YouTube channel featuring two brothers

Swan and Neo

Swan The voice Swan and Neo is a YouTube channel featuring two brothers. The content is filmed by their parents Sophie and Greg. The channel features various VLOGS including various visits to amusement parks, water parks, and nature outing. The also post content about various unboxing, challenges, songs, board games, tastings, application tests and modelling clays. The channel features adventurous and fun content.

Swan and Neo The voice Swan and Neo

Net Worth$15.5 M
FoundedApril 16, 2015
FounderSwan and Neo
Subscribers6.04 M
Videos651 videos

Swan and Neo YouTube Channel

He was born on February 13, 2005. Neo is a 17 years old YouTuber. Neo and his younger brother Swan has amassed a total of 6.04 million subscribers on YouTube. He is featured in various challenges, VLOGS, and pranks posted on the channel. Although, he is widely featured on Swan The voice Swan and Neo channel, he also has his own YouTube channel by the name of Neo The One. His channel also has 650,000 subscribers. He also helps their mother with filming and posting of the YouTube content.

In their Swan The voice channel He and his brother have collaborated with Mango Marlin and Maximilien Jendrzezak. Their most famous video titled ‘Kids Pretend Play Barbecue BBQ’ has a total of 47 million views with 273K likes. The channel also has a total of 6.8 billion views.

Swan was born on September 23, 2011. He is 11 years old and was only 5 years old when the channel started. Swan is heavily featured on the channel and he can be seen engaged in various fun and adventurous activities.

Swan and Neo

The YouTube channel posts content regularly and besides Swan and Neo, their mother is also featured on the channel.

Swan and Neo have 714K followers on Instagram. Neo also has tiktok with 935.6k followers and 26.8 million likes.

They also have a brand by the name of SWEO. They sell clothing, journals, caps, school accessories, and various board games.

Swan and Neo Net Worth

Although their actual net worth is not publically reported still some estimates put their net worth close to 15.5 million dollars. The net worth is estimated based on their YouTube revenue. Some sources put their net worth to be close to 21 million dollars counting other sources of income. Swan and Neo channel receives almost 65.3 million views each month, so they receive more than 2.18 million views each day.

Swan and Neo

Hence, estimates put their monthly income between 262 thousand dollars and that puts their annual income close to 4 million dollars. Some channel earn 7 dollars per thousand views and that’s the case than Swan and Neo can earn up to 7 million dollars annually. It is also very rare for YouTubers to have only one source of income. Swan and Neo also have their own merchandise where they sell various clothing items, accessories, and board games. They also have large following on other social media and may also receive various sponsors and advertisements. Keeping all this in mind, the net worth of Swan and Neo could be much higher than anticipated.

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