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One of the three imprints of the Canadian record company Monstercat is called Monstercat Uncaged. Uncaged focuses on “energetic, explosive, and hard-hitting” music, in contrast to Monstercat Instinct and Monstercat Silk, and is seen by the label as the continuation of its community-driven electronic music movement. Under this imprint, the label releases two new songs every week on Mondays and Thursdays. The YouTube channel “Monster Uncaged” has 7.5 million subscribers and 3 billion views o of 2022.

Monstercat Uncaged Biography and Networth

Net Worth           $3 Million
Founded          July 2, 2011
Founder          Mike Darlington, Ari Paunonen
Origin            Canada
Location           Vancouver
Subscribes            7.5 Million
Views                    3 Billion

About Monstercat

Monstercat previously known as Monstercat Media is a liberated electronic music label located in Vancouver, British Columbia, CEO Mike Darlington, COO Ari Paunonen, and James Leusink, also known as Ephixa, formed Monstercat in July 2011.

The independent music label Monstercat signs artists/musicians on a non-exclusive single-track basis, allowing artists/musicians to move freely between other labels and brands if they want. Monstercat has a proper release schedule, where new music relaeased is published three times a week, in addition to an hour-long podcast, which is streamed every Tuesday on Twitch, Beam, and YouTube. After Monstercat released a series of thirty tracks, the new album collection created contains these tracks and two continuous mix albums.

Monster History

Mike Darlington (born 1989) and Ari Paunonen (born 1989/90), two university students from Waterloo, Ontario, established Monstercat Media on July 1, 2011. The same day, the label launched its YouTube account, which was used to promote their friends and their music. In October, the channel started uploading three times each week. Later, the young students were in charge of making the standardized collection albums for the label. Following Darlington and Paunonen’s graduation from college in 2012, the group relocated to its current offices in Vancouver.

Monstercat Uncaged History

In May 2017, following the release of Monstercat 030 – Finale, Monstercat began using the name Uncaged as part of a rebranding drive. The basic artwork for the music album compilations and live performances were designed again as a part of the promotion, and both the albums launched and the concerts were given the moniker “Monstercat Uncaged.” The story-driven artworks by Petirep were replaced with realistic and fashionable renderings of the Monstercat logo for the first compilation album to be issued following the rebranding, Monstercat Uncaged Vol. 1. The compilation albums’ structure remained unchanged, with Vol. 2 and Vol. 3 joining Vol. 1 in compiling music submitted by artists and released by the label in the preceding months, regardless of genre or musical style.

Monstercat stated in January 2018 that it would begin releasing new music on two imprints, one of which would be devoted to the label’s more upbeat and challenging musical genres and styles under the moniker Monstercat: Uncaged. A new imprint with the moniker “Monstercat Instinct” was created for the label’s more melodic and experimental music.

On January 1, 2018, Uncaged became an official imprint, and Instinct followed the next day. The imprint’s YouTube channel was repurposed as Monstercat’s, and the release calendar was changed from a three-day, Monday-Wednesday-Friday, weekly plan to a four-day one with Monday and Thursdays reserved for Uncaged tracks.

As part of the adjustments, the Call of the Wild podcast was shifted from Tuesday to Wednesday. “Sky is Falling,” a song by Darren Styles and Stonebank with EMEL, was the first single to be released on Monstercat: Uncaged and it came out on January 8, 2018.


Monstercat Uncaged Branding

According to Monstercat, Monstercat Uncaged is the imprint for the label’s “energetic,” “explosive,” and “hard-hitting” music releases. The label views Uncaged as carrying on the “movement” of community-driven electronic music that has been at the core of Monstercat’s mission statement ever since it was founded. The Uncaged imprint is frequently characterized by black, chalkboard-like graphics. The animations for the Uncaged series of compilation CDs are decorated with iconography, including images like a bone and fish skeleton arrangement and brass knuckles with the Monstercat mascot’s teeth showing in the spaces.

Monstercat Uncaged Net Worth

An approximate $3 million is Monstercat Uncaged’s estimated net worth. We use data on YouTube views to estimate $3 million. The estimated net worth of Monstercat Uncaged may exceed $3 million. With these extra revenue streams, Monstercat Uncaged may be worth more than $4.09 million.

Monstercat Uncaged makes an estimated $729.56k annually. More than 12.16 million views and more than 405.31 thousand views per day are received on Monstercat Uncaged’s YouTube channel each month. We estimate that the YouTube channel brings in $48.64 thousand in monthly advertising revenue and $729.56 thousand annually. For every 1,000 video views, some YouTube channels make even more than $7 so Monster Uncaged possibly earns more than $1.31 million annually.


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