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mr. indian hacker

Dilraj Singh Rawat, commonly known online as Mr. Indian Hacker is an Indian YouTuber who posts experiments for educational purposes. Along with his entire crew, he produces various experiment videos and educates his audience while entertaining them. The channel has 26.6 million subscribers and 4.5 billion views with 800+ videos on his channel.

Mr. Indian Hacker Biography and Net Worth

Net Worth                  $8.54
Full Name                   Dilraj Singh Rawat
Birth Date                   8th January 1996
Age                               26 years
Birthplace                   Ajmer, Rajasthan, India  
Profession                   YouTuber
Subscribers                 26.6 million

Mr. Indian Hacker Early Life

Dilraj was born on January 8th, 1996 in the lovely Rajasthani city of Ajmer. Dilraj is a Rajput and comes from a middle-class family. Since he was little, he has enjoyed doing experiments. He was an excellent student who attended Samrat Prithviraj Chauhan Government College in Ajmer after completing his schooling studies at Dav Senior Secondary School in Ajmer. He claims to have learned lessons “more from his life than from schooling and education” and that he did not study very much. The details of his private life are still sketchy. A well-known Creator Mr. Indian Hacker has had a very difficult existence, he has never lost himself in the circumstances.

Mr. Indian Hacker Career

Dilraj made it very clear from a young age that he wanted to be a YouTuber and share videos of science projects. To share his talent with the world, he started his YouTube account, Mr. Indian Hacker, in 2012 and posted his first video, “How to Open a Lock without a Key,” on January 24, 2017. When he first started his YouTube channel, he had a lot of financial difficulties. For example, he didn’t have a good smartphone and had expensive chemical expenditures. He also didn’t have a good financial foundation, so he had to work to provide for his family. His video received a lot of views, which inspired him to work. He then began to regularly post on YouTube. People adored his video and, more so, his demeanor because he has such a positive outlook on life. He consistently posts difficult and demanding videos for his Titanium Army. He conducts a lot of expensive and risky experiments.

mr. indian hacker

Instead of seeking degrees based on academic understanding, he placed greater emphasis on expanding his practical expertise. He knew nothing at first about being a YouTuber. As his YouTube career progressed, he acquired the skills necessary to produce expert films and conduct tests securely. Although he has five high-end cameras, he only uses one of them for his videos. He always records audio with a collar-hung microphone. He refers to his followers as the “Titanium Army,” and the disclaimers in his videos read, “We have titanium in our blood!” His channel art makes reference to this statement and reads, “Subscribe if you also have Titanium in your blood.” This has become a well-known slogan over time.

Mr. Indian Hacker Wife

Mr. Indian Hacker aka Dilraj Singh is married, and he keeps his life secret, just like every famous person does. Similar to that, we don’t know a lot about his personal life. He is from a typical Rajpoot household so he does not want to share his wife and her details on the internet.

Mr. Indian Hacker Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Mr. Indian Hacker is $8.54 million. While the precise amount of Mr. Indian Hacker’s wealth remains unknown. Although the actualized net worth of Mr. Indian Hacker is unclear, our highly regarded assessment puts it at $8.54 million. However, others have suggested that Mr. Indian Hacker’s wealth may be considerably greater than that. Taking into account these extra sources of income, Mr. Indian hacker’s Net worth may be closer to $11.96 million.

mr. indian hacker

How Much Mr. Indian Hacker Earns

According to estimates, Mr. Indian Hacker makes $2.14 million annually. More than 35.59 million people watch the videos on the MR. INDIAN HACKER YouTube channel each month. Monetized YouTube channels make money by displaying and on average, YouTubers can get $3-$7 for every thousand video views. These calculations allow us to determine that Mr. Indian Hacker earns 11 thousand dollars daily, 82 thousand weekly, and $142.35 thousand per month, or $2.14 million annually. However, we might be understating Mr. Indian Hacker’s income and Ad income might bring in up to $3.84 million annually for Mr. Indian Hacker if he earns on the higher end. It’s possible that Mr. Indian Hacker has multiple sources of income as influencers can promote their own goods, work with sponsors, or receive affiliate commissions to recoup their costs.

Mr. Indian Hacker Height and Weight

Height                5’5”
Weight               68 kg
Eye Color            Black
Hair Color           Black

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