Jonathan Scott: A Versatile Career from Illusion to Construction

Jonathan Scott

Jonathan Scott’s journey is a testament to his remarkable versatility and determination. From his early aspirations of developing a touring theater show and creating awe-inspiring illusions in Vancouver to his pursuit of education in construction and design alongside his twin brother, Jonathan has continually ventured into diverse professional domains.

His career path includes a successful tenure as a licensed contractor and realtor, followed by co-founding an independent film production company, Dividian Production Group, with his siblings. Notably, he strategically leveraged the challenges of the Canadian real estate market to explore opportunities in the United States while rekindling his passion for illusionism. Jonathan Scott’s career is a captivating narrative of ambition, resilience, and the pursuit of excellence across a spectrum of industries.

Who is Jonathan Scott?

Born on April 28, 1978, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Jonathan Silver Scott is a multi-talented Canadian personality known for his expertise in illusionism, television and cinema production, contracting, and his prominent role as a reality TV star.

Jonathan gained widespread recognition for his role as co-host alongside his identical twin brother, Drew, on the popular HGTV television series “Property Brothers.” This iconic show has spawned several spin-offs, including “Buying and Selling,” “Brother Vs. Brother,” “Forever Homes,” and “Property Brothers: At Home.” Jonathan is also a co-founder of Scott Brothers Entertainment, a company that specializes in producing television, film, and digital content for audiences both in North America and around the world.

In addition to their television success, the Scott brothers have ventured into various creative projects. They have authored a memoir, children’s books centered around construction, and a comprehensive how-to guide for home remodeling. In 2020, they introduced a magazine titled “Reveal” that complements their brand. Jonathan’s diverse talents and accomplishments have solidified his status as a prominent figure in the entertainment and home improvement industries.

Jonathan Scott’s Former Spouse

Kelsy Ully is notably recognized as the former wife of Canadian television personality and producer, Jonathan Scott. Jonathan, alongside his twin brother Drew Scott, is renowned for co-hosting various popular HGTV shows. Despite their shared fame, Kelsy and Jonathan’s marriage was remarkably brief, spanning only from 2007 to 2013. During their time together, Jonathan’s career was on the ascent, thanks to the success of their television endeavors. However, the marriage ultimately came to an end, and both have since moved on to pursue their separate paths in life. Jonathan Scott’s journey in the world of entertainment and construction continued to flourish, while Kelsy Ully embarked on her own journey, leaving behind a chapter of her life closely tied to the fame and fortune of her former spouse.

Jonathan Scott’s Career

Jonathan Scott embarked on a dynamic career path that showcases his versatility and determination. His journey began at the age of 19 when he relocated to Vancouver with a vision of creating a captivating touring theater show, marked by the creation of impressive large-scale illusions. Subsequently, Jonathan and his twin brother pursued education at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology and the Professional Home Builders Institute, acquiring knowledge in construction and design. Along the way, he became a licensed contractor, setting the stage for his future endeavors.

For an impressive 15 years, Jonathan and his brother ventured into the world of real estate as realtors. In 2002, the entrepreneurial spirit of the Scott family led them to co-found Dividian Production Group, an independent film production company, showcasing their multifaceted talents.

In 2008, seizing opportunities in the wake of the Canadian real estate market downturn, Jonathan capitalized on affordable U.S. properties during a more advanced recession. This strategic move paved the way for him to rekindle his career in illusionism, albeit on a part-time basis, marking another chapter in his ever-evolving career.

Jonathan Scott Net Worth

Renowned for his roles as a television personality, construction contractor, illusionist, and prolific television and film producer, Jonathan Scott has amassed a substantial fortune over the years. His estimated net worth stands impressively at approximately $100 million, reflecting his immense success across multiple domains. Jonathan’s annual earnings are estimated to be in the vicinity of $855,000, a testament to his ongoing prominence in the industry. His primary source of income is derived from his illustrious professional career, which has encompassed various facets of the entertainment and construction world.


In conclusion, Jonathan Scott’s career is a fascinating odyssey marked by relentless ambition and unwavering dedication. From his early foray into the world of illusionism to his pursuit of education in construction and design, and his successful stint as a licensed contractor and realtor, Jonathan’s journey has been a testament to his adaptability and entrepreneurial spirit. His co-founding of Dividian Production Group underscored his creative prowess, while his strategic move to invest in U.S. properties during a recession demonstrated his keen business acumen. Throughout his career, Jonathan has consistently reinvented himself and seized opportunities, showcasing an ability to thrive in various industries. His story is a compelling reminder that passion, resilience, and a commitment to lifelong learning can lead to a remarkable and diverse career trajectory. Jonathan Scott’s legacy serves as an inspiration for those aspiring to pursue their dreams across multiple domains.


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