Restoration of Everything Biography, Net worth, Fact, and More

Restoration of Everything

Restoration of Everything biography is a Sri Lanka channel that restores anything available to them. They have restored many cars, bikes, and engines. As you can tell by their name that they restore old stuff they have also made a Three-wheeler and an ATV Motorcycle. On their YouTube channel, you can find a total of 173 videos in which they tell you and show you how to restore your old engines or an abandoned car or bike.

Restoration of Everything Biography and Net worth

Net worth            unknown
Country               Sri Lanka
Founder               Dinesh
Created                2 January 2019
Views                    209 million
Videos                  173
Subscribers         1.06 million
Restoration of Everything

Restoration of Everything Launch

Restoration of Everything made their page and started work on 2nd January 2019. They started their work on a 3 gas and 1 electric cooker. They repaired and restored the cooker. Their second work was on a vintage brass blow torch that was restored to its original state. Their channel 2019 has gained a lot of popularity in Sri Lanka and other places as well. Restoration of Everything started working on small projects and later made their way into building stuff.

Restoration of Everything YouTube Channel

Restoration of Everything created its YouTube page on 2nd January 2019. Their channel is named @restorationofeverything. They have 1.06M subscribers on YouTube and almost 137 videos are posted. All of them are about restoring antique things or cars/bikes whereas they have some videos about making things in their home such as an ATV Motorcycle. Each of the videos has an average of 4K+ likes and an average of 164 comments on them. Restoration of Everything’s total view count is 209M just on 137 videos. Their channel gains followers each day and is rising. They have a link to their Facebook page under each video.

Restoration of Everything Channel Content

Restoration of Everything’s channel content catches the attention of many viewers of Sri Lanka and other places as well. Their content is catching as it is found satisfying to many people. Restoration is a satisfying process and it helps people in restoring their antique things that are rusted.

 They provide their viewers with rich and quality content. Their video quality is amazing as well. after repairing and restoring the things they make videos using the things. You can find short videos on their channel riding the restored bikes. They provide the viewers with a detailed video that helps them in restoring or repair.

Restoration of Everything

Restoration of Everything Popular videos

Restoration of Everything’s most popular video is the polishing of engine video that has 24M views. It was posted on 6th June 2019. Video has a total of 3,180 comments and 114K likes it. Next is a Mitsubishi Lancer engine restoration video that has 11M videos and was posted on 21st March 2020. The video has 3.3K comments and 122K likes.

Restoration of Everything Net Worth

The Restoration of Everything’s net worth is unknown. Their monthly income ranges from $2.9K – $64.3K and their yearly income ranges from $34.8K – $782.6K. they earn $64.3K monthly from YouTube by posting these videos.

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