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Naifm is a Sri Lankan news and gossip portal. It provides latest news regarding various popular and trending topics Naifm biography .

Naifm Biography and Net Worth

Net Worth$ 200K
FoundedAugust 3, 2014
CountrySri Lanka
Videos3.7K videos
Views233 M

Naifm YouTube Channel

Naifm is a gossip and news channel that was initiated on 3rd August, 2014. The channel captures trending gossips and celebrity news. Naifm is a YouTube channel of one of its kinds in Sri Lanka, hence the reason for its large following. The channel uploads videos on regular basis which is also one of the reasons why it is loved so much. News and gossip regarding trending topics have always been relevant among younger generation and social media always loves such topics. Hence, Naifm has been able to secure its position on the YouTube through the selection of topics that are loved by everyone but especially youngsters.

 Celebrity news and gossip is its own niche which is widely popular in pop culture and Naifm checks all the boxes for being a news and gossip channel. Their regularly published content manages to secure large amount of viewership and likes. Almost all of their videos have thousands of views. The videos uploaded on Naifm are not too long so the audience do not loose interest. They keep their videos short, to the point, and interesting. However, some topics which require more time and interest are also reported in videos of longer timespan. Naifm not only publishes news on celebrity and trending topics they are also known for keeping their followers up to date on all topics relevant to Sri Lanka.

Naifm has various playlists on the YouTube channel discussing various topics these playlists include, ‘Nai Fm VIP Sessions’, ‘Political Hub’, ‘Talk Hub’, ‘Info Hub’, ‘Celebrity Hub’, ‘Social Hub’, and ‘Nai Fm News’.

Since its development in 2014, Naifm has been able to secure a massive following of eight hundred and eighty-five thousand (885K). The channel has uploaded a total of three thousand and seven hundred (3.7K) videos which have been able to get more than two hundred and thirty-three million (233M) views.  

Naifm YouTube channel also has a website of the same name that publishes blogs about their stories. Their Facebook page also has four hundred and ninety-five thousand (495K) followers.

Naifm Popular videos

The channel has uploaded thousands of videos and their most popular video has been able to get almost 3.6 million views, the video is titled ‘HIV AIDS Naifm Films’. Their second most watched video has a total of 2.7 million views while the third most popular video has 2.1 million views. The channel averages close to one hundred thousand views on most of their video.


Naifm Net Worth

Naifm is a Sri Lankan news channel and gossip portal. The channel is famous for its news reporting on all relevant and trending topics. The estimated net worth of Naifm is close to two hundred thousand dollars ($200K). Naifm is a monetized YouTube channel which manages to earn 1.21 dollars per thousand views.

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