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Siegfried Fischbacher was a German-American entertainer and magician who performed with his partner Roy Horn since 1960s in Europe then moving internationally. They became popular for using exotic animals in their acts. They made screen appearances as themselves in Hollywood movies. The duo was one of the most spectacular performers in Las Vegas history.

Seigfried Biography and Net Worth

Net Worth                       $120 M
Full Name                        Siegfried Fischbacher
Birth Date                        13 June 1939
Age                                    81 Years
Date of Death                 13 January 2021
Birthplace                        Rosenheim, Bavaria, Germany
Profession                        Magician, Entertainer, Actor
Zodiac Sign                       Gemini
 Active Years                    1957-2010

Siegfried Fischbacher Personal Life

Siegfried Fischbacher was born on 13 June 1939 in Rosenheim, Bavaria, Germany during World War. Moved to United States in 1988. His parents were professional painter Martin and housewife Maria Fischbacher. His father ended up as war prisoner in Soviet Union. Siegfried begin to practice magic illusions and learned about magic tricks through books at a young age of 8.

Siegfried Fischbacher Career

In 1956, he moved to Italy and started working as a hotel dishwasher & bartender. Later, he found work on the cruise ship TS Bremen with stage name Delmare. This is where he found his future partner Roy Horn. They were both fired from the cruise for bringing a live cheetah on board. While at a Caribbean cruise ship, the owner of the Astoria Theatre in Bremen recruited the duo to perform at her nightclub after seeing Fischbacher and Horn’s act. This launched a career for the pair on the nightclub network of Europe. Initially, they began to perform with tigers. In 1967, they were offered to come to Las Vegas by Tony Azzie. He discovered them at a performance in Paris. Siegfried Fischbacher Biography Net Worth The duo became internationally famous. They appeared in famous Hollywood movies Vegas Vacation (1997), Siegfried & Roy: The Magic Box (1999), Lookin’ to Get Out, Show boy and Ocean’s Eleven (2001).

He also executive produced animated sitcom Father of the Pride. He made tv appearance in Siegfried & Roy: The Magic Returns in March 2009. In February 2009, the duo staged a final appearance with their white tiger Mantacore. This performance was recorded for ABC television network program 20/20. Their production at MGM’s Mirage Resort and Casino in Nevada was one of the most lavish, long-running and successful in Las Vegas history. Siegfried Fischbacher Biography Net Worth They performed for an estimated 25 million people during their career. They stopped performing officially in October 2003, when horn was attacked by a 400-pound white tiger & was severely injured impairing his motor and verbal abilities. They ended their show business career in 2010.

Siegfried Fischbacher Net Worth

Siegfried Fischbacher has a net worth of approximately $120 million estimated in the year 2021 at the time of his death. His main sources of income were magic shows, executive production of animated movie, cameos in famous Hollywood movies. At one time, his Las Vegas show was generating more than $60 million per year as revenue. His joint residency with partner was worth $10 million named Little Bavaria.


Siegfried Fischbacher Death

Fischbacher died on January 13, 2021 at the age of 81 due to pancreatic cancer. He took his last breath at his residency in Las Vegas.

Siegfried Fischbacher Body Features

Height                   5 ft 06 inch
Weight                  76 kg
Eye Color              Golden Brown
Hair Color             Brown

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