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Preston Playz

American YouTuber Preston Blaine Arsement, also known as TBNRFrags and PrestonPlayz, is well-known for his challenge and prank videos as well as his gaming-related content. His YouTube channel “PrestonPlayz” has more than 13 million subscribers and “Preston” has more than 21 million subscribers.

Preston Playz Biography And Net Worth

Net Worth                        $30 million
Full Name                         Preston Blaine Arsement
Birth Date                         4 May 1994
Age                                     28 years
Birthplace                        Texas, United States
Profession                        YouTuber, Gamer
Wife                                   Brianna Barnhart
Preston Playz

Preston Playz Early Life

Preston Arsement was born to Jaye on May 4, 1994, in Dallas, Texas. When Preston was three months old, his parents got divorced, and his mother got remarried, David. A few days after turning 17 years old, he received his high school diploma from the Travis Academy of Fine Arts where he attended classes. Before starting to work as a full-time YouTuber, he had a previous job as a lifeguard. He was pursuing a career as a physician while attending college before switching to full-time YouTuber. He began to have second thoughts about becoming a surgeon throughout the summer after graduation.

Preston Playz Family

Businessman Mr. David Arsement is PrestonPlayz’s father, and activist for women’s rights Mrs. Jaye Arsement is his mother. David, Daka, Keeley, Caleb, and Joshua are his five siblings, along with one sister. Among them, Keeley, Caleb, Joshua, and his father, also run their own YouTube channels.

Preston Playz Career Beginnings

Preston Arsement has been active on “YouTube” since 2010, and his once-new found interest in gaming has evolved into a full-time profession. Preston discovered that he was absorbed in gaming practically constantly, which opened the door for turning this into a full-time career. Preston’s first YouTube channel, TBNRFrags, which was founded in 2010, mostly shows off Preston’s amazing Call of Duty and Black Ops talents to his online fans. Preston’s abilities weren’t overlooked, and in less than a few years after joining the channel, he attracted more than 1.5 million subscribers.

Preston Playz Success

This young man switched from playing Call of Duty to Castle Crashers and Far Cry in 2012, launched Preston in 2012, and even launched a new specialized channel named “PrestonPlayz” in 2018. Although PrestonPlayz was initially intended for those new games, Preston gradually veered towards “Minecraft,” and as a result, this channel has gained attention for his legendary commentary. Preston has been living in the spotlight, and his channels are only going to become more popular. “PrestonPlayz” is currently a handle with over 13 million subscribers and currently, Preston has 8 channels in addition to his primary channel “Preston” which has 21 million subscribers alone.

Preston Playz Wife

In 2018, Preston got married to Brianna who is a nurse and also a YouTuber and they live in Texas.

Preston Playz

Preston Playz Net Worth

Preston has an estimated net worth of $30 million as of 2022 and most of this he earned through YouTube. He has a lavish lifestyle and he admitted that he earns $6k-$7k per video.

Preston Playz Physical Stats

Height                       5’9”
Weight                     67kg
Eye Color                 Brown
Hair Color                Brown


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