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Round2hell is a community YouTube channel from India where you find short videos, vlogging, roasting content, and comedy videos founded by three closest friends Nazim Ahmed, Zayn Saifi, and Wasim Ahmed started the channel in 2015. The popular comedy channel has 27 million followers and 2.8 billion views with 68 videos on the channel.

Round2hell Biography And Net Worth

Net Worth                    $9.42 M
Created                         20 October 2016   
Founders                      Zayn, Nazim, Wasim
Country                         India
Subscribes                    27 M
Views                            2.8 B

Round2hell Creators

In Pakwara, Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh, Zayn, Nazim, and Wasim all were born. Wasim was born on 12 July 1995, Zayn on 12 February 1996, and Nazim on 1 September 1996. Wasim is 27 years old, Zayn is 26 years old, and Nazim is 25 years old as of 2022. Since their time in college, the three of them have been friends. Zayn left Zakir Hussain College after putting in the most study time. Wasim and Nazim attended Alam College and Modern Public School, respectively, for their final year of high school education.

From the start, all three of the friends wanted to accomplish something significant. Among these pals, Nazim was a highly talented football player. Did he decide that why not use YouTube to show off his football prowess? Here, Nazim launched a YouTube account where he posted videos of his freestyle football stunts. Nazim quit uploading videos nevertheless when they stopped receiving views. He used to watch YouTube videos even back then. He observed how popular comedic films and wines were with the public.

Round2hell Early Career

A YouTube channel called Round2hell was created by Nazim and his friends on 20 October 2016, and then he uploaded the first video “Pagli Caption Troll | Round2hell | R2h” on 6 November 2016. They received 120 views for her first video. Upon realizing this, they also produced part 2 of that video, even though when they produced the Videos, people would make fun of him. All three of the pals lost their motivation immediately after hearing the taunts from the crowd.

 The initial earnings when the channel was monetized were given to charitable organizations and foundations that aid the underprivileged. At first, their parents weren’t too encouraging of them, but over time, they began to have some faith in them. Their friend Alam Saifi was the one who urged them on the channel in the beginning when no one supported them. Alam Saifi, a friend of theirs, then offered a reason to continue and advised them to prioritize his job over what other people had to say. A Tripod was also given as encouragement by Alam Saifi. The three friends returned to YouTube after this with an optimistic outlook. The three friends used the money to purchase a DSLR camera so that their YouTube videos would have high-quality videos. Even after performing all of this, his videos had 0 unique views.

Round2hell Success

He also created a Facebook page of his own and began posting his movies there as well. One of his Facebook videos eventually went viral and received more than 100k views. But even at this point, not many people watched his YouTube videos. Jio made headlines in 2016 when it chose to stop offering any free plans. He produced a video at the time demonstrating how people use Jio in a comedic manner. The Round2hell video was very well received by the public and from that point, it started growing. The three friends haven’t turned back since this video became viral. After that, he produced several quality videos. People began to enjoy their videos. Today, we can observe that each Round 2 Hell video appears in YouTube’s Trending section, and the YouTube channel round2hell has 27 million followers.

They claimed that although they chose the channel’s name at random, it appeared to have been well-considered. Zayn was performing automobile drifting at his track the day before the channel was founded. He did several drifts, which were captured on camera and afterward uploaded to his Instagram. What would have happened if I had lost control during the round drifts? he wondered as he watched the footage. He realized the answer to his question: “Dude if I lost control, I would undoubtedly lose an arm or a limb and make my life miserable.” The channel was given the moniker “Round2hell” because of his belief that “the drift was not a drift but a round to hell.”


Round2hell Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Round2hell is $9.42 million. Only YouTube advertising revenue is used to calculate the $9.42 million estimate. In truth, Round2hell’s net worth may be considerably larger. Given these extra streams of income, Round2hell’s value may be closer to $13.18 million. An estimated $2.35 million is earned by Round2hell annually. More than 39.23 million people watch the videos on the YouTube channel Round2hell each month. We can assume that Round2hell makes $156k every month, or $2.35 Million annually. However, $2.35 million a year may be a modest estimate. If Round2hell makes more money than average, video advertisements might bring in up to $4.24 million annually.


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