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Sam Simon

Sam Simon, an American director, producer of television shows, and writer, had a $100 million fortune at the time of his demise. Sam Simon co-created the phenomenally successful, still-running animated series The Simpsons, which is how he accumulated the great majority of his income.

Sam Simon Biography And Net Worth

Net Worth                       $100 million
Full Name                        Samuel Michael Simon
Birth Date                        June 6, 1955
Died                                   March 8, 2015
Birthplace                        Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Profession                       Director, Producer, Writer, Boxing manager, Philanthropist
Spouses                            ​Jennifer Tilly, Jami Ferrell
Sam Simon

Sam Simon Early Life

On June 6, 1955, Samuel Michael Simon was born in Los Angeles, California, in the United States. At Beverly Hills High School, where he played football and worked as a cartoonist for the student newspaper, Simon was a student. Later, he attended Stanford University and received his degree in 1977. Simon did not want to go to college, but Stanford convinced him to apply because of his strong academics and football skills; Simon left the squad after one day.

Sam Simon Early Career

Simon’s first employment was as a sports cartoonist for The San Francisco Chronicle and The San Francisco Examiner while he was still a student at Stanford. Following graduation, he worked at Filmation Studios as a writer and storyboard artist for television. From seasons one through three of Cheers, Simon served as a writer and producer, penning five episodes: “Endless Slumper,” “Battle of the Ex,” “Fairytales Can Come True,” “Cheerio Cheers,” and “The Bartender’s Tale.” In 1984, Simon and Ken Estin co-created, co-wrote, and produced the brief sitcom Shaping Up, which starred Leslie Nielsen as a gym owner.

Sam Simon Success

The Simpsons, an animated television series that debuted on the Fox network in 1989 and has since been continuously broadcast, was co-created by Simon. The program is regarded as one of the top television shows of all time, and Time magazine named it the best program of the 20th century. Sam Simon now makes $20–30 million per year from a show he hasn’t worked on since 1993 thanks to points, executive producer credentials, and home video rights. The comedy The George Carlin Show, which Simon co-created with comedian George Carlin for Fox, premiered in January 1994. Simon served as president of e-Nexus Studios, the former entertainment content division of ZeniMax Media, the parent company of video game developer Bethesda Softworks, from 1999 to a point in the early 2000s.

Sam Simon Wife

In 2000, he wed Playboy Playmate Jami Ferrell; the union only lasted three weeks. Around 2011, Simon proposed to Jenna Stewart, a chef, and caterer and he started dating makeup artist Kate Porter in 2012, and the two dated until his passing.

Sam Simon

Sam Simon Awards

Simon was nominated for 10 additional Primetime Emmy Awards and won nine of them for his efforts.

Sam Simon Net Worth

Sam Simon’s net worth was reported to be $100 million, and Simon was ranked as the most well-liked and one of the wealthiest television producers. As a co-creator of the wildly successful cartoon series The Simpsons, he accumulated most of his wealth.

Sam Simon Death

In 2012, Simon received the devastating news that he had three to six months to live due to terminal colorectal cancer. On March 8, 2015, Simon passed away and his $100 million estate was left to several charities that he had supported during his lifetime.


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