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Christopher Ball, aka Sacriel is a UK-based Twitch Streamer; he was born in Derbyshire on the 8th of June, 1993, and is currently 39 years old. Sacriel is a Content Creator on Youtube and Instagram and an amazing streamer king on Twitch. 

He has spent his early life and did his high school in Derbyshire; he used to be a bright student and was good not only in academics but in other activities as well. He started playing video games when he was a teenager and has been passionate about gaming since then.

After his study period, he used to go with his friends to video game stations to satisfy his inner soul after playing. Moreover, he has worked with different companies for almost 5 to 6 years so that he can fund him his studies and future dreams. 

From a very earlier time, Sacriel knew that he wanted to join and pursue a gaming career, but he could not imagine the best options in the beginning; well, he started saving money and saved for almost 7 to 8 years.

Sariel Biography And Net Worth:

Real Name           Christopher Ball
Birth Date              June 8, 1993
Age                       39 Years Old (In 2022)
Birthplace               Derbyshire
Profession             UK Twitch Streamer, Internet Celebrity
Net Worth             $500,000 USD


Sacriel belongs to the United Kingdom, where he has lived with his family from the beginning. He had never discussed his family in front of social media, and neither did he like it. He wants to keep his family and friends private. However, he has a beautiful family; he has spent almost 20 years in the house with his parents and his pets.

And now, after every other week, he visits his parents, spending quality time with them.

Professional Career

Initially, Sacriel decided to start creating content on different sites, and in mid-2007 he made his Youtube channel, but after posting one video, he didn’t pursue it. Well, in 2012, Sacriel resumed and began to publish top-quality content religiously. 

Along with this, he created a Twitch account and started doing his favorite games streaming over there. In the next six months, he could generate a good amount of money, at least more than what he was making through his jobs, and by the start of 2013, he quit his job to give his full time towards his gaming passion.

Now lots of people are curious about how he made his internet presence with the name of Sacriel; initially, he was using Mace as his username on all of the platforms he was using, but later, he thought it was not matching his vibe, and is a bit unprofessional.  

One day, he randomly searched and came up with “Sacriel” and immediately went with it.

Moreover, on Youtube, he started creating educational and helpful guides related to gaming and technology. The beginner-level gamers found it extremely helpful to kick start their journey with a proper step function.

Sacriel has also participated in different tournaments and competitions, where he also won huge cash prizes.

Who is Sacriel Wife?

Sacriel got married to the love of his life in 2019. Her wife named, Shannon Plante is an independent woman and has proven to be a great support to his husband. 

They met via Twitch somewhere between 2012 and 2013, when they started dating each other and never looked back. Moreover, if we say that Sacriel found her partner at the start of his leading career, then that won’t be wrong!

Currently, Sacriel is happily living with his wife, and pets in a beautiful home located in Cotswolds, UK.

Net worth

Right now, Sacriel has an estimated net worth of $500,000. He is generating a heavy amount of thousands of dollars every month through his Twitch streaming, where his fans donate to him casually for appreciation, and through his Youtube channel, including his Instagram.

Moreover, he is currently collaborating with big brands and has strong sponsorships.


In 2017, Sacriel was nominated at the e-sports Industry awards in the category of Best Streamer of the Year. However, he also won as a favorite British Apex Legends that was held as a contest online.


Sacriel has achieved more than 120,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. Also, his popularity has led to his recent sponsorship deals with Corsair, Elgato, Intel, and View-sonic, among others. 

Physical Appearance

Height: 5’ 11” (in feet)/ 180 cm
Weight: 73 kg
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Dark Brown


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