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kristen hanby

Kristen Hanby is the most popular TikTok star and YouTube sensation and also a social media influencer who is known due to his entertaining features in the world of England, United Kingdom. Kristen Hanby contains a YouTube channel that accumulates more than three million subscribers and also an Instagram page that accumulates more than seven million fans following. Kristen Hanby used to create humorous and entertaining videos that he posted and published on his Internet account on different platforms.

Kristen Hanby Is a type of influencer his crazing acts could be watched by a number of children and youth from different countries of the world. The huge fan following of Kristen Hanby makes him the best creator for creating entertaining and interesting material for a variety of social media platforms.

Kristen Hanby Biography And Net Worth:

NameKristen Hanby
Date of birthEighth of March in 1993
Age29 years
Zodiac signPisces
NationalityBritish, English
Marital statusSingle

Biography of Kristen Hanby:

Kristen Hanby opened his eyes to this world on the Eighth of March in 1993 in a family that believes in Christianity at the place of Jersey, England, United Kingdom and according to 2022, now he is twenty-nine years old. Kristen Hanby passed his early life there in Jersey, England, United Kingdom, and then he migrated to Los Angeles, California, USA and now he is a resident of California. Kristen Hanby owns the British, English nationality and believes in the Christian religion. The Zodiac sign of Kristen Hanby is Pisces according to astrology.

The professional background of Kristen Hanby:

Professionally, Kristen Hanby is a social media Icon who has made his name in the internet world. Kristen Hanby is a TikTok sensation and YouTube superstar.

Family, dating, and relationships of Kristen Hanby:

Kristen Hanby introduced all of his family members to the public which is the reason that the public wants to know more about him and his family members. Kristen Hanby creates a fantasy for all his family members including their mother, sisters, and girlfriend. However, the father’s name Kristen Hanby is unknown until now.

The mother of Kristen Hanby is the most featured person in the videos Kristen Hanby is named Giselle Hanby. Due to appear in his video, the mother of Kristen Hanby is a well-known face among social media users. Bryony and Natalie are the two names of blood siblings of Kristen Hanby. A certain time ago, everyone hears about a scandal about Kristen Hanby that he is in a dating relationship with a girl but after some time that girl cheated on him and their relationship reached its full stop. 

According to some sources and research, the girlfriend of Kristen Hanby is Jasmine Brown’s sword. Both Kristen Hanby and Jasmine used to make a number of YouTube videos and Prank videos collectively. Usually, they post pranks on others and well prank each other as girlfriend-boyfriend. Now both of them are in a strong dating relationship with each other and their relationship could observe since 2019. Jasmine is also in the good books of Kristen Hanby’s family.

The net worth of Kristen Hanby:

Kristen Hanby is much famous on all the platforms of social media. Kristen Hanby has the honor to advertise different companies and products along with the commercial on a variety of social media pages. He also contains the sponsorship for his YouTube account.

Kristen Hanby does not fix to a particular source of income, on the other hand, he has a variety of sources for his income. The monthly income of Kristen Hanby is not fixed till a certain limit which is the reason that we cannot provide a certain amount of his monthly salary. But different research and reports we can estimate the total net worth of Kristen Hanby which is around about 1.5 million dollars.

The net worth of Kristen Hanby increases with the increase of days because their success and acknowledgment of Kristen Hanby increasing day by day. We hope that in the near future, Kristen Hanby will be the richest prank star in the world of TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram.

Different social media accounts of Kristen Hanby:

  • The Instagram account of Kristen Hanby: “@Kristenhanby” has more than 7.4 million fans following
  • YouTube channel of Kristen Hanby: “@Kristen Hanby” and “@Hanby Clips” has more than 4.42 million subscribers for both
  • Facebook account of Kristen Hanby: “@KristenHanbyVideos” has more than 18 million fans following
  • YouTube Music account of Kristen Hanby: “@Kristen Hanby”
  • Spotify account of Kristen Hanby: “@Kristen Hanby”
  • JioSaavn account of Kristen Hanby: “@Kristen Hanby”
  • Hungama account of Kristen Hanby: “@KristenHanby”

Apparent look and body measurements of Kristen Hanby:

Kristen Hanby contains a charming and humorous personality which is the reason that viewers of Kristen Hanby like to watch the prank videos of him with great interest and charm. The height of Kristen Hanby is five feet and eight inches (5’8″) and according to this height, their weight of Kristen Hanby is round about sixty-five kilogram (65kg).

kristen hanby
kristen hanby

Kristen Hanby was blessed with mesmerizing and beautiful blue-shaded eyes that are due to recessive genes and made him attractive. On the other hand, he contains Blonde-shaded hair that he styled according to the pranks in his videos.

Eye colorblue
Hair colorBlonde


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