Sirasa TV It publishes content in three languages and is a pioneer to Sri Lanka’s reality TV, Television shows, TV Franchises, and daily soaps

Sirasa TV

Sirasa TV has been at the forefront of Sri Lankan TV industry for many years. It publishes content in three languages and is a pioneer to Sri Lanka’s reality TV, Television shows, TV Franchises, and daily soaps.

Sirasa TV It publishes content in three languages

Net Worth$1.3 M
FoundedDecember 22, 2011
CountrySri Lanka
Subscribers1.84 M
Videos9.7K videos
Views1 B

Sirasa TV YouTube Channel

Sirasa TV is a digital TV network in Sri Lanka. The digital channel was established in 1998. However, the YouTube channel was established in 2011. The channel is owned by three Sri Lankan companies including Capital Maharaja Group, Gregson Holdings Ltd., and International Media Management. The channel broadcasts its program mostly in Sinhala.

The channel is known for publishing large amount of content. The content is of various genres and style. Sirasa TV uploads original teledramas, dubbed teledramas, cartoons, and other reality TV shows. Some of the current teledramas that are very popular with the audience include ‘Kiya Denna Adare Tharam’ (KDAT), ‘Hitha Laga Hinahuna’, ‘Neela Pabalu’. While ‘Daam’, ‘Sakuge Lokaya’, ‘Salamal Aramaya’ and ‘Api Ape’ are some of their previously published teledramas. In addition to this, the channel also broadcasts various Korean dramas and Indian dramas dubbed in native language.

 Some of the dubbed teledramas published on the channel include, ‘Descendants of the Sun as Himanthara’, ‘I Can Hear Your Voice as Himathuhina’, and ‘Diya aur Baati Hum as Swapna’. Some of the reality and competition shows that are loved by the audience include, ‘Sri Lanka’s Got Talent’, ‘Sirasa Junior Super Star’, ‘Sirasa Dancing Star’, and ‘5 Million money drop’. The list of content published on the channel goes on and on, for instance the channel is also kids friendly and publishes cartoons such as Scooby Doo, Sonic the Hedgehog, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Garfied Show, and Tom and Jerry.

Sirasa TV has a wide range of content that they publish quite frequently on their YouTube channel. The channel is a hit among adults and teenagers alike because their content ranges from teledramas to reality TV and much more.

Sirasa TV

Sirasa TV Popular Videos

Sirasa TV YouTube channel has almost 4.9 million views on a video titled ‘Oba Aye Enawanam- Kiya Denna Adare Tharam Theme Song-Drama Version’. ‘Nopenena se- Sashika Nisansala- Kiya Denna Adare Tharam Song’ is another video published on the channel that has a total of 4.6 million views. 

Sirasa TV YouTube channel has a total of 1.84 million subscribers with more than 1 billion views on 9.7K videos uploaded on the channel.

Sirasa TV Social Media

Sirasa TV has a total of 1.5 million followers on its Facebook page and 68.7K followers on Instagram. Sirasa TV also has 286.1K followers on its tiktok page with 3.9 million likes.

Sirasa TV Net Worth

Sirasa TV is a Sri Lankan digital broadcaster and YouTube channel. The estimated net worth of Sirasa TV is said to be 1.3 million dollars. An estimate states that the channel earns almost 1.21 dollars per thousand views and Sirasa TV is said to earn almost seventy thousand dollars monthly from its YouTube channel.

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