Wishma Lokaya is a Sri Lankan YouTube channel Wishma Lokaya is often described as an educational channel

wishma lokaya

Wishma Lokaya is a Sri Lankan YouTube channel. Wishma Lokaya is often described as educational channel that publish videos about various educational topics. The channel publishes videos on both conventional and unconventional topics. Wishma Lokaya provides knowledge to its subscribers in the comfort of their homes.

Wishma Lokaya is a Sri Lankan YouTube channel

Net Worth$450K
FoundedJuly 1, 2016
CountrySri Lanka
Subscribers1.81 M
Views202 M

Wishma Lokaya YouTube Channel

Wishma Lokaya was founded on July 1st, 2016 and since then the channel has posted a total of one thousand videos. The channel is known for posting new and fresh content daily. Wishma Lokaya provides knowledge regarding scientific discoveries, space exploration, Health and fitness, technology, mysteries of the world and even relationship tips. It is a YouTube channel that can provide information regarding any topic present under the sun. Wishma Lokaya is a famous Sri Lankan YouTube channel that is known for its educational aspect. The channel is widely popular among young generation as they are hungry for information that is quick to learn, understandable and within their reach and Wishma Lokaya does all that.

Wishma Lokaya YouTube channel aims at providing information to individuals and help them overcome their weaknesses and become an expert in any area that they lack in. It provides cyber knowledge in a fun and understandable manner. Wishma Lokaya provides knowledge regarding all popular as well as difficult topics. With almost a thousand videos on the YouTube channel, Wishma Lokaya has discussed a great many topics on their channel. The channel has a very regular video uploading schedule and has amassed a total of 202 million views on its one thousand videos. With its conception in 2016, the channel has gained a total of 1.81 million subscribers on YouTube.

wishma lokaya

Wishma Lokaya Popular Videos

Some of the most watched videos on Wishma Lokaya channel include, ‘Basil Seeds For Weight Loss’ video which has 1.8 million views and 27,000 likes, ‘7 Things You Should Never Do in the Morning’ and ‘Scientist Solves Mystery of Bermuda’ both videos have 1.7 million views each while another video titled ‘Natural Remedies for Sinus Infection’ has 1.5 million views and 23,000 likes. The channel has more than one million views on almost twenty-two of its videos, as of September, 2022.

The channel also has various playlists on the YouTube. These playlists are titled ‘History’, ‘Movies’, ‘Amazing’, ‘Universe’, and ‘Countries’. Each playlist represents a different topic and various educational videos are present regarding that particular topic.

wishma lokaya

Wishma Lokaya Net Worth

Wishma Lokaya is a monetized YouTube channel that has an estimated net worth of 450,000 dollars. The channel is said to earn 1.21 dollars for each thousand views it receives and with this estimate, the monthly income of Wishma Lokaya is almost five thousand dollars and the channel is said to earn close to twenty-one thousand dollars in 3 months’ time.

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