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Spencer X

Spencer X is another well-known TikTok, YouTube content former, and beatboxer professionally. Spencer X is much more popular for his formation and direction of produced tracks, comedy tracks, and the Original tracks on a variety of social media forums on the internet. He has great innovation for beating boxing even when he was fifteen years old. After that time, Spencer X start beating boxing with the coordination and collaboration of a variety of bands as well as individually. While working with the bands he also initiates to upload his videos of beatboxing on different social media forums like TikTok and YouTube.

When he formed his TikTok account and initiate uploading videos on this forum then this phenomenon boost his popularity among the population. According to the updates of Forbes, Spencer X was added to the seventh position in the list of top-earning TikTok superstars in the world. On account as a beatboxer, Spencer X used to go for a variety of tours of different areas and then execute his performances on the stage as well as off-air. He has beat with a wide number of musical artists and stars in the field of music at different forums.  

Spencer X Biography and Net Worth:

NameSpencer X
Age 30 years old
DOB 20th April 1992 
Networth$3 million
profession Tiktoker, YouTuber

What is the age group of Spencer X?

The birthplace of Spencer X is Manhattan, New York in twenty April 1992. According to 2022, he has passed 30years. Currently Spencer X resident of Los Angeles, California.


Spencer X has one little sibling named Gigi who is well-known specie. One of his parents belongs to Ecuadorian and the other parent belongs to china.

Is Spencer X a beatboxer or not?

Spencer X is the best and most well-known beatboxer. He started beating boxing from a very little age after inspiring by a beatboxer at the age of fourteen.

The career of Spencer X as a beatboxer:

When he was fourteen years old, he met a beatboxer with his friend. After this occasion, he initiates beating boxing personally. He was impressed and inspired after meeting with that beatboxer. That was the duration when he set a goal for him to become the best and most popular beat boxer or even try it at once.  

Spencer X started taking classes to learn to beatbox professionally. In the starting period, he took it quite difficult to do beatboxing but with time, he learned it slowly. When he completely learn beatboxing, the next step for Spencer X was searching for a band with which he can show his talent to the world, in other words, he want to search for a platform. Initially, he joined the “Russian rock Band” as a drummer because the band need only a drummer, not a singer.

Showcasing his talent in front of the world started when he initiate to post his beatboxing videos on the platform of YouTube channel. He formulated his own YouTube channel on fifteen January 2012.  

 Before the arrival of TikTok, he did not get fame in the internet world. In 2019, he took steps to upload the video of his beatboxing on the TikTok, and in a little period, he succeeded in attaining millions of fan following. The main reason for his success is that he is one of the outstanding beatboxers in the world.

Now he has almost around about 28 million fans following. Now Spencer X also has sponsorship and collaboration with a variety of companies.

Body posture of Spencer X:

Spencer X carries around about six feet and two inches in height. Along with this height, his weight is nearly seventy-seven kilogram. The eyes and the hairs of Spencer X, both have black color.

Some realities about Spencer X:

  • Spencer X is active on YouTube since 2012, as of 2022, and now he completed a ten-year journey on this social media platform.
  • He sponsored B&H, Monster Energy, YouTube, and much more.
  • Spencer X also has coordination with Marsh Mello.


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