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SSSniperWolf Biography and Net Worth

Net Worth$6 M
FounderAlia Shelesh
FoundedJanuary 20, 2013
CountryUnited States
Subscribers32.7 M
Views 21 B

Alia Marie Shelesh is a British-American YouTuber. She is also known by her nickname ‘Little Lia’ and her YouTube handle ‘SSSniperWolf’. Her channel includes content of various varieties including vlogs, gaming, and DIY videos.

SSSniperWolf Career

Alia is known among her audience for her reaction, commentary, and DIY videos. Her gaming videos were a popular hit when she started her channel. She also does Vloging.

Alia is of Greek and Turkish descendant and was born in United Kingdom. She was raised in Phoenix, Arizona, United States. After graduating High School, she started studying Pharmacy and Nursing in college. She dropped out of her college early on and started looking for other career options. While starting out as a YouTuber in 2011, Alia had a different channel name and only published short vlogs on it. After reaching 50,000 subscribers on her first channel, she deleted it that account.

 In 2013, she developed SSSniperWolf channel. The name of the channel was inspired by one of the main characters (Sniper Wolf) in ‘Metal Gear Solid’ which Alia stated was her favorite video game growing up. Starting out as a gaming channel, since 2017, the majority of videos uploaded on the channel include reaction videos and Tiktok videos. She still posts about gaming and challenges occasionally. Since 2020, Alia has always been able to appear on trending page due to her content and that has helped her gain massive popularity on social media. She is also known for the content she publishes in collaboration with Dhar Mann.

With her sense of humor and bold persona, Alia has been able to capture the attention of many fans. She is sarcastic and relatable in her videos. In addition to her main channel, she also formed a second channel named ‘Little Lia’. The channel was started in 2014 and it publishes videos on baking, shopping hauls, arts and crafts, and DIY. She also posted videos where she can be seen trying various life hacks and those videos are one of the most popular content on the Little Lia channel.

With her cheerful and diverse content, Alia has been able to secure a total of 32.7 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. She has almost twenty-one billion views of her 3.1K videos. Alia has received the ‘Kids Choice Award for Favorite Gamer’. She was also nominated for a ‘Teen Choice Award for Favorite Gamer’.


SSSniperWolf Social Media

With a massive subscriber count on her YouTube channel, Alia has been able to get a lot of following on her other social media apps as well. She has a total of 5.5 million followers on her Instagram account. Her twitter page also has 1 million followers.

SSSniperWolf Net Worth

Alia is a famous YouTuber with massive social media following that has allowed her to earn an estimated net worth of 6 million dollars. She also sells her own merch by the name of ‘Wolf Pack’ and as a social media star, she is also sponsored by various brands.

SSSniperWolf Features

Eye colorBrown
Hair colorBlack

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