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Sharaz Aslam better known as Tyceno online is an NBA 2K gamer on YouTube and Twitch. Tyceno is popular on social media with more than 1 million subscribers on YouTube and 169 million views. Playing the game mode My Park and publishing a variety of types of videos also gave Tyceno a lot of fame.

Tyceno Biography and Net Worth

Net worth               $1 Million
Full Name               Sharaz Aslam
Birth Date         September 25, 1996
Age                          25 Years
Birthplace        Auckland
Profession               YouTube Star, Gamer
Girlfriend                 AngelMelly

Tyceno Early Life

Tyceno, who is currently 25 years old, was born on September 25, 1996. Tyceno is a native of Auckland, New Zealand, and he is a Libra. His real name is Sharaz Aslam and he is born into a Muslim family. He has not yet disclosed any facts about his parents, siblings, or other family member’s only information available is that his family is Muslim. Tyceno has likewise kept his educational career to himself. At the age of 18, Tyceno began typing court cases instead of attending college. Starting a job at such a young age was difficult for Tyceno so he decided to change his path. At age 20, he decided to work full-time for YouTube because he detested his job.

Tyceno Career

Tyceno started his YouTube channel on 6 august 2016 and uploaded his first video “GTA V – YOU CAN SURVIVE ANYTHING!” on 25 august 2016. His first video has 19k views as of 2022. The second video on the channel was posted 5 years ago “we got 2 followers today” and has 13k views. He primarily streams on Twitch and creates stuff for YouTube. On these websites, he engages in NBA 2K and Fortnite Battle Royale gaming. Tyceno also had financial success in NBA 2K tournaments. A yearly release of video games is the NBA 2K series. This was played online and focuses on the NBA. Users of this game can also design their own players or play single games or seasons. Later in 2017, Tyceno joined the Twitch partner program.

Tyceno also set up the @mambamotivation Instagram account. Numerous NBA players appreciate and share the various photographs he posts. Numerous Tiktok stars and social media personalities have had videos created by Tyceno. In order to make money, he also started a YouTube channel and posted Twitch videos to his Instagram account. People eventually began to take notice of him because of his creative ideas and style of playing games. Tyceno’s collaboration with other Tiktok stars has helped to advance his name and professional standing. One of the YouTube stars’ influencers is Tyceno and he is listed among the top 3000 most well-known YouTube celebrities.


Tyceno Videos

The most viewed video on the channel is “Search The Letter O, S, M, N ALL LOCATIONS FORTNITE! Pleasant Park, Wailing Woods, Dusty Divot, Lake!” and this mot viewed video of the Tyceno has 5 million views. In his video, for the week 4 stage challenge of Fortnite Battle Royale’s seventh season, to look for the letters “O,” “S,” “M,” and “N” in Wailing Woods, Dusty Divot, and under a Frozen Lake, respectively. Some of the popular videos on the channel are “Search Between a Mysterious Hatch, a Giant Rock Lady and a Precarious Flatbed Location Fortnite! (3.9 M)”,  “YCENO vs CHICOFILO GAME OF THE YEAR in NBA 2K21 (1.7 million views)”, “Bronny challenged me for $2000, and I accepted (NBA 2K20)”, “NaDeXe called me out for a $2000 wager, I accepted (NBA 2K20)”, and “A Legend 2-Way Slashing Playmaker challenged me for $1000, and I accepted.”

Tyceno Girlfriend

The YouTuber Sharaz Aslam aka Tyceno is dating AngelMelly, a fellow streamer. Melissa, aka AngelMelly, is a well-known Australian social media personality who is also a TikTok star. She is well-known for her YouTube uploads of humorous and entertaining material as well as her Twitch live gaming streams. Additionally, she posts stunning images and reel videos to her Instagram account. Her reels and short movies feature humor and entertaining riddles. Tyceno’s girlfriend tweeted in April 2021 that they were still together and that she was not expecting a child. This was in response to the internet rumor that she was pregnant and that she and Sharaz were no longer together.

Tyceno Net worth

The estimated net worth of Tyceno is 1 million dollars approximately. The average daily income of Tyceno is 20-30 dollars and the weekly income of the channel is 150 dollars. From the above estimate, it is predicted that the monthly income of the channel is 700-800 thousand dollars and the channel earns 40 thousand dollars yearly. On the higher end, the channel can earn 60 thousand dollars per year. Sharaz bought his dream car BMW i8 from his income. He earns through collaboration and the twitch program also so he can make a good amount of money.


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