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Indigo Traveller

Nick Fisher, better known online as Indigo Traveller, is a YouTuber from New Zealand who travels the globe. His videos depicting the everyday life of common citizens in frequently misunderstood nations have made him the most well-known person in the world. His channel indigo traveller has 1.49 million subscribers and 164 million views.

Indigo Traveller Biography and Net Worth

Net Worth                 $1 Million
Founded                     April 10, 2016
Founder                      Nick Fisher
Country                       New Zealand
Subscribers                1.48 M
Views                           164 Million

Indigo Traveller Channel History

Indigo Traveller

A 26-year-old former horticulture apprentice from Wanaka named Nick Fisher is travelling the globe and documenting his experiences on his YouTube channel Indigo Traveller. With more than 1.4 million followers and the ability to work full-time travel thanks to the popularity of his 250+ uncensored videos so far, Fisher has been able to visit 55 different countries. Nick started uploading on August 25, 2016, after launching his channel on April 11, 2016. In order to announce that he had travelled from his native New Zealand to Asia to launch his trip vlogging videos, he published the video “NEW ZEALAND TO ASIA | The Start of Something.” Nick fisher aka indigo traveller travelled to South East Asian countries first, including Vietnam and Cambodia before going on his world tour.

Indigo Traveller Content

His travels throughout the world make up his stuff. He has visited many different nations while travelling and does a lot of vlogging in the videos. He typically travels to nations that are portrayed negatively in the media to illustrate the “human” and positive aspects of those nations. He has travelled to a wide variety of nations, including North Korea, Bangladesh, Venezuela, Somalia, Pakistan, Iraq, Brazil, Lebanon, and others. North Korea, where Fisher made his tour, has produced the most hits. “That was really amazing. It was largely undeveloped. It is like travelling across time and it resembles an alien world. He went to war-torn Ukraine in 2022 to provide firsthand reports.

He has been to Chernobyl as well. However, Fisher has a reason for his trip; it is not just for fun. He said some people have collected $2 million overnight to aid Somalians who are starving. You can develop a picture that makes people feel good without seeming corny.

Fisher travels to regions that many people do not because she wants to dispel preconceptions and tear down boundaries “Off-the-beaten-path has always appealed to me, and that’s the direction my YouTube channel has gone in. I rather developed a reputation for visiting isolated areas that are seen as dangerous by the media.”

Indigo Traveller Videos

Indigo Traveller

The most viewed video on the channel “INSIDE NORTH KOREA (Surreal experience)” has above 9.58 million views, posted 4 years ago during his visit to Korea. The second most viewed video on the channel with 8.3 million views is “One day in North Korea (overwhelming experience).” The video “inside Nigeria’s biggest slum” has also had 8.3 million views, posted 4 months ago. Some other notable videos on the channel are “Dhaka, Bangladesh| the most densely populated city of the world”, “1 Day as a tourist in Somalia”, and “inside brazil’s most dangerous neighbourhood.”

Indigo Traveller Tours

He takes chances to illustrate how life can be in many nations. He depicts the daily lives of Pyeongyang residents as well as the lifestyle of the ruling class in North Korea. He had the opportunity to tour towns and a theme park in Afghanistan, where a local stated that the residents only desired peace. He illustrates how the present administration’s policies have affected crime, shopping, transportation, and living circumstances in Venezuela. To aid children in some of these nations, he has donated to numerous organizations. It is a very terrible and heartbreaking scenario when we watch a little Afghan boy who is desperately in need rush to sell him eggs while he is riding in a truck. He was seen in one video assisting in the preparation of soup for children in Venezuela. He portrays Somalia as a place where people may enjoy themselves without being alarmed or afraid. Along with these movies, he also displays various sights from other nations and even peculiar stuff he discovers. He frequently speaks with locals to learn what they think about their nations.

Indigo Traveller Net worth

The estimated net worth of an Indigo Traveller is 1 million dollars approximately. The channel, Indigo Traveller earns almost 1200 dollars daily from ad revenue. The weekly earnings of the channel are 8600 dollars approximately and monthly earnings are more than 1500 dollars. From all the calculations and data average yearly income of indigo, Traveller is 110 thousand and it can be as high as 200 thousand dollars per year. Additional revenue resources for indigo Traveller are not included in these net worth calculations.


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