LES BOYS TV is a French YouTube channel that was created on December 11, 2018


Les Boys TV is a French YouTube channel that was created on December 11, 2018. The channel has seen exponential growth in the past few years and has a large number of subscribers now.

French YouTube channel that was created on December 11, 2018

Net worth$584 K
FoundedDecember 11, 2018
FounderAdel, Sami
Subscribers8.27 M
Videos129 videos
Views1.94 M

Les Boys YouTube channel

Les Boys is a family-oriented YouTube channel. The channel contains all kinds of fun and entertaining videos. Les Boys Tv mostly features various family members in their videos. Les Boys translates to ‘The Boys’ or Them Boys and the channel is true its name in a sense that the videos contain boys having fun and playing games. It is a channel for kids and families to enjoy. It is playful, colorful, and joyful. Les Boys TV mostly post videos about different games, challenges, and pranks. The channel mostly features two boys Adel and Sami embarking on various adventures.


 Sami is a ten-year-old kid who makes content for YouTube channel Les Boys TV, hence the channel is kids friendly and for families to enjoy. The channel also features Amira their little sister. Les Boys Tv is a channel for kids of all ages, it includes videos from a family of four children who are often seen with their father. The family posts engaging videos. The first video that was uploaded on the channel was called ‘Squid game challenge adel et sami’ the video was uploaded 9 months ago and has a total of 164, 740 views.

Les Boys TV channel is operated by a Muslim Family and they also uploaded a video on their channel celebrating Eid ul Fitr. video is titled ‘eid el fitr mubarak’ and was uploaded 3 months ago. shows the whole family dressed up and celebrating Eid festival and exchanging gifts. The video has a total of 3.9k views. The most popular video on the channel was uploaded 3 months ago and the video is titled ‘sand ice for the children les boys tv’ the video has a total of 193k views. Their second most watch video is also the first video uploaded on the channel where they are seen completing the famous squid game challenge. Les Boys Tv posts YouTube content very regularly which is one of the reasons for its instant growth. The channel has a total of 129 videos with 1.9 million views.

With its family-oriented content including videos about various popular challenges and games, Les Boys TV has managed to gain a total of 8.27 million subscribers on their YouTube channel. The channel was created a few years back and has seen such exponential growth due to its fun and entertaining content.


Les Boys Tv Net Worth

The monthly income of Les Boys Tv is estimated to be 444 dollars to a hundred thousand dollars. Some estimates state that they earn 1.21 dollars per 1000 views hence their net worth is estimated to be close to five hundred and eighty-four thousand dollars.

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