Bigorneaux & Coquillages is a gaming YouTube channel that is run by Lucas Hauchard and Cyprien Iov

Bigorneaux et Coquillages

Bigorneaux & Coquillages is a gaming YouTube channel

FoundedApril 2, 2013
FounderLucas Hauchard and Cyprien Iov
Subscribers6.26 M
Videos266 videos

Bigorneaux & Coquillages is a gaming YouTube channel that is run by Lucas Hauchard and Cyprien Iov.

Bigorneaux and Coquillages YouTube channel

Bigorneaux & Coquillages can be translated into ‘Winkles and shells’ is a YouTube channel that was launched by Cyprien Iov with his friend Lucas Hauchard otherwise known as Squeezie. The channel is known for its fun and amazing videos about video games. The pair engage in playing games to game commentaries and all on the channel. Bigorneaux & Coquillages is a channel with all the content for a game lover. The channel has a total of 6.26 million subscribers and a total of 266 videos. The channel’s most popular video has a total of 33 million views.

Bigorneaux et Coquillages

Cyprien Iov

Cyprien is one of the founders of Bigorneaux & Coquillages. Cyprien is a famous French YouTuber. He is best known for his comedic content on his YouTube channel by the name of ‘Cyprien’. Cyprien stumbled upon social media bu chance but is now one of the most famous social media star. He has a massive following worldwide. His YouTube videos are unique and fun which audience finds entertaining and engaging. He is widely known for his intelligence and sense of humour. He launched his personal YouTube channel in 2007 and titled it MonsieurDream. His YouTube content includes skits, commentaries, and reaction videos. The bloopers and behind the scene videos he posts on his channel are also much loved.

Bigorneaux et Coquillages

Cyprien Iov Features

Net Worth$5 M
Birth DateMay 12, 1989
Age33 years
Birthplace Nice, France
Eye colorBlue
Hair colorDark Brown

Lucas Hauchard

Lucas Hauchard famously known as Squeezie is also one of the founders of Bigorneaux & Coquillages. Lucas is also a French YouTuber with almost 17 million subscribers and 9 billion views. He is one of the most famous Francophone gamer. In the beginning of his career as a YouTuber he posted his reviews on video games by testing various games. When he was 17 years old, he became the youngest French person to have over a million subscribers.

He has a total of 3.6 million followers on Twitch, 7.9 million followers on instagram and 8.7 million on twitter.

Lucas Hauchard Features

Net Worth$21 M
Birth DateJanuary 27, 1996
Age26 years
Birthplace France
Eye colorBlue
Hair colorBrown

Bigorneaux & Coquillages Net Worth

Bigorneaux & Coquillages is a famous gaming channel on YouTube with a total of 6.26 million followers. Although its founders Cyprien Iov and Lucas Hauchard have individual net worth of 5 million dollars and 21 million dollars respectively. Some estimates state that both Cyprien and Lucas earn 25 thousand dollars form Bigorneaux & Coquillages YouTube channel and some estimates put the monthly income of the channel to be between 2 thousand to 20 thousand dollars. The YouTube channel has almost 891.7 million views.

Bigorneaux & Coquillages has a massive twitter following of 1 million followers.

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