SkyrockFM French social media sensation, Skyrock has become well-known due to his own Instagram account

Skyrock FM

French social media sensation, Skyrock has become well-known due to his own Instagram account. Skyrock is regarded as one of the top influencers in France with about 400032 followers. It is one of the most popular YouTube creators is SkyrockFM, who has more than 5.69 million subscribers. The French-based YouTube channel SkyrockFM was established in 2013.

SkyrockFM French social media sensation

Net Worth$4.94 Million
Real NameSkyrock
Subscribers5.7 Mollion

Skyrock Youtube Channel

Skyrock is a well-known Instagram personality from France. On Instagram, Skyrock has more than 400032 followers. Skyrock has partnered with several commercial businesses as a result of its great success on social media platforms.

In a 30-day period, this channel typically receives 3.3K viewers. With 34.7K new subscriptions in the previous 30 days, SkyrockFM now has 5.7M customers. On the SkyrockFM channel, the most recent video was published 13 days ago. The maximum amount of views on a SkyrockFM YouTube video was 23.3K, while the average view count was 14K. 531 engagements on average, 507.5 responses, and 23.5 comments are recorded for each SkyrockFM. The primary topics covered by SkyrockFM are music and dance.

Skyrock FM

Skyrock Contents

A channel’s success is influenced by a number of crucial aspects in addition to its popularity. You may view SkyrockFM’s Channel Quality Score in the entire report to get a better sense of its general quality and performance. On the SkyrockFM channel, there are typically 14K views on each video.

About SkyrockFM

French rap and R&B are the main musical genres of the private FM radio station Skyrock FM. Pierre Bellanger, together with Frank Tenot and Daniel Filipacchi, founded Skyrock FM on March 21, 1986 in Paris, taking over for La Voix du Lezard, which had been established on January 18, 1983, after three years. But in December 1985, Skyrock FM’s programming debuted on the La Voix du Lezard frequency. Vortex was the owner of Skyrock FM. Every day of the week, between the hours of 12 and 4 PM, Skyrock FM dismantles its antenna in the cities of Lille, Marseille, and Beziers. In thus, the station resembles a broadcasting network made up of three local antennas and a national antenna that operates independently when in stalls.

Skyrock FM

Radio Directory By Region

Africa, Asia, North America, South America, Europe, Oceania.

Radio Stations by Genres

News, Music, Pop, Talk, Top40, Rock, Country, Hits and many more

Skyrock Channel Stats

In a 30-day period, the average for this channel is 3.3K. SkyrockFM has 5.7 million customers, including 34.7K new subscriptions in the previous 30 days. The most recent video on SkyrockFM’s channel was posted 13 days ago. YouTube videos have 14K views on average, with the greatest amount of views being 23.3K. average engagement is 531, with 507.5 replies and 23.5 comments. SkyrockFM’s primary content is devoted to Music & Dance.

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