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Lazar Angelov

Lazar Angelov is a Bulgarian fitness icon, personal trainer, celebrity figure, and entrepreneur. He was born on 22nd September, 1984 in Sofia, Bulgaria and became quite famous when online fitness was gaining popularity. Lazar Angelov was quite famous due to his athletic build and was known to have one of the finest abs.

Lazar Angelov Biography and Net Worth

Net worth$2 M
Full NameLazar Angelov
Birth DateSeptember 22, 1984
Age38 years
BirthplaceSofia, Bulgaria
Lazar Angelov

Lazar Angelov Early Life

Lazar Angelov didn’t start his career as a bodybuilder or personal trainer. He started out as a basketball player and at the age of 16 he joined the junior national team and was leading scorer of his pro teams in the National Basketball Association of Bulgaria. He played basketball for almost 10 years and had to give up because of his knee injury. He also served in the army when he was 18 years old for two and a half year. It was during his time in the armed forces that he discovered his passion for bodybuilding and found his true calling. After he returned from the army he wanted to pursue his dream of becoming a bodybuilder and personal trainer. Lazar Angelov worked as personal trainer during the day and as a security guard during night in order to achieve his goals and dreams.

Lazar Angelov Career

Lazar Angelov gained massive popularity when online fitness training became popular. He was praised for his build and his refined abs. Lazar Angelov has always been an advocate of hard work and natural build and strongly condemns any use of steroid for muscle building. After starting his career as bodybuilder he has competed in many different tournaments since 2006 and has always won at the very least a bronze medal for his physique and build.

Lazar Angelov is not only a fitness icon he is also a personal trainer. He got his certification for personal trainer from the National Sports Academy and started his career as a personal trainer. He has helped thousands of people with their physique and motivated them to live a disciplined and healthy life. He trains people to not only improve their appearances but to also achieve a certain mindset that helps them achieve their goals. Lazar Angeov beliefs that a disciplined and strengthen mind is necessary to boost the body’s activity and attain challenges. He believes that it takes a healthy, strong and dedicated mind to achieve outstanding physical transformation.

Due to his extraordinary physique and some of the best abs in the world Lazar Angelov has also gained popularity as a model. He has taken part in various music videos and has also done advertisements.

Lazar Angelov Social Media

Currently Lazar Angelov has 6 million Instagram followers and almost 704K subscribers on YouTube. He also has a total of 15 million followers on Facebook. Lazar Angelov uses his social media presence for motivating people with his ambition, body, and hard work.

Lazar Angelov

Lazar Angelov Achievements

Lazar Angelov gave all his time to bodybuilding after ending his career as a basketball player. He started in 2006 and since then he took part in many different competitions and due to his build and balanced physique he always came out on top. His abs has been dubbed some of the best abs in the world. Due to his build and personality he has gained huge social media following and has become the most recognized fitness figure in the world. He has been on the cover of Men’s Health and other magazines in various countries. He has also gained sponsorship contracts with Mutated Nation and Nike. Various fitness websites have nominated him for the most aesthetic physique and he has also been nominated for best fitness model in 2012.

Lazar Angelov Injury

In the late 2020 to early 2021, Lazar Angelov stopped his physical training and on January 5, 2021 he revealed the reason for this. He stated that he had undergone knee and elbow surgeries and they were the reason why he had to stop exercising for a long time. He had inflammation of tendons of the elbow also called epicondylitis that is caused by the overuse of forearm muscles and because of this he had to stop his training.

However, he did not completely stop pursuing his passion. Lazar Angelov created his personal blog where he posts about various workouts, answers questions of his followers, and motivates people into achieving their best physique. He also works as a personal trainer and has launched his supplement business by the name of Lazar Angelov Nutrition. He has also opened LA7 which is a gym and physical fitness Centre which he has launched in various locations. He also sells LA7 wear which is an athleisure brand for both women and men.

Lazar Angelov Net worth

Lazar Angeov’s net worth is estimated to be around 2 million dollars. Which can be attributed to his various brand deals, and sponsors but most of his income is generated by his various businesses including his supplement line and gyms.

Lazar Angelov Height and Weight

Eye colourDark Brown
Hair colourDark Brown


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