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Mike Chang

Mike Chang is an entrepreneur and social media influencer who started his journey as an online fitness guru and became one of the most recognized online fitness influencers. Mike Chang personal story of weight loss and his struggles resonated with a lot of people and as a result he amassed a great cult following on his social media most importantly on YouTube.

Mike Chang Biography and Net Worth

Net worth$2 M
Full NameMicheal Robert Chang, Jr.
Birth DateNovember 30, 1982
Age40 years
BirthplaceTaipei, Taiwan
WifeNatalie Chang
Mike Chang

Mike Chang Early Life

Mike Chang was born on November 30, 1982 in Taipei, Taiwan but he was raised in Lone Star State, Texas USA. During his early years Mike Chang struggled with his weight and grew up as an overweight teenager. These years were hard for him as he struggled with his body image and social exclusion. Not only this he also realized that being overweight was taking a serious toll on his health and would lead to serious health issues later. Mike Chang decided to work on his health and weight issues and as a result started taking help from various online fitness trainers. He was all set on achieving his dream physique. In early stages of his weight loss journey Mike Chang realized that most of these online trainers were not effective and the routines and exercises they suggested were only good for a little while and not for the long run. At the end of 2006 he refused to take part in any of the online fitness programs and started developing his own weight loss regime, which work greatly for him. After developing his own workout routine Mike Chang was able to achieve his ideal physique and six pack abs.

Mike Chang Career

After succeeding in his own weight loss journey and managing to get his ideal physique Mike Chang was inspired to help others and wanted to make their journey easier than his. Mike Chang became a certified ISSA personal trainer and with the help of his knowledge and credentials he started helping others in their weight loss journey and gave them motivation to achieve their best self.

After he started working as a personal trainer, he helped many people achieve their ideal weight and he even managed to design an effective system for weight loss which gained him his nickname “six pack abs coach”. Most of his clients started calling him that and it was his clients who encouraged him to reach out to a bigger audience as a result Mike Chang created various social media profiles. It was in 2009 when Mike Chang was starting to become a famous name in fitness industry. He started his social media journey as a fitness trainer and that proved a great marketing strategy for the weight loss system he created.

After gaining massive popularity in the field in 2015 Mike Chang developed his own line of fat burner supplements and began promoting his new business venture on various social media apps. However, he received a backlash following the release of the product, with many people claiming he was using steroids. His new product wasn’t a big success and after this Mike Chang left his career in the fitness industry and decided to take a break.

Mike Chang

Mike Chang Social Media

Mike Chang uploaded his first workout video on 1st March, 2010 on YouTube. The video was a great hit and gained almost 800,000 views within the period of few months. Over next few months Mike Chang upload 7 more workout videos which helped him gain more popularity. By the November of 2010 Mike Chang’s weight loss system became so popular he started working on a new training program. By the end of 2010, he released a mass building guide which was designed to help people gain muscle quickly.

3 years after he joined YouTube Mike Chang gained a total of 2 million subscribers and became one of the most recognized fitness figures in the industry. He had over 200 million views on his YouTube.

Mike Chang Comeback

In 2016 Mike Chang made a comeback to social media however his new videos weren’t related to exercise. He made his comeback as a motivational speaker and started uploading inspirational videos. He also explained what he has been doing since his break from the online community.

Now Mike Chang shares his new training system which he calls Flow and he implements spiritual practices including yoga, meditation, breathing, massage, and motivational methods to help his clients be their own best selves.

Even with this new venture Mike Chang gained his social media popularity quite quickly. He currently has almost 144k subscribers on his YouTube and has almost 1.7 million views on his first video.

Mike Chang Wife

Mike Chang is married to an entrepreneur Natalie Chang. She is an entrepreneur and co-founder of HIGHVIBE Mushrooms and also a jewellery and clothing company.

Mike Chang Net worth

Mike Chang net worth is estimated to be 2 million dollars. He made most of his income through his career as fitness trainer. He also had almost 4 million subscribers and 200 million views on his Sixpackshortcut channel which greatly added to his net worth. He also started is Flowtribe training which is another source of his income.

Mike Chang Height and Weight

Weight88.5 kg
Eye colourDark Brown
Hair ColorBlack


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