Village Food Secrets Pakistani YouTuber and food vloger Mubashir Siddique is well-known for his YouTube Channel Village Food Secrets

village food secrets

Pakistani YouTuber and food vloger Mubashir Siddique is well-known for his YouTube Channel Village Food Secrets. He frequently posts films cooking regional specialties, but he also offers alternate instructions for preparing fast food and modern cuisine in rural settings with little resources. Among his subscribers, his father’s dialogue “Zindabad Mubashir Putter Maza e aagya” is well-known.

Village Food Secrets Pakistani YouTuber and food vloger Mubashir Siddique

Net Worth                            $1.3 million
Full Name                             Mubashir Siddique
Birth Date                            7 February 1985
Age                                        37 Years
Birth place                           Sialkot, Pakistan
Profession                           Food Vlogger
Subscribers                          3.7 M

Village Food Secrets Early Life

Siddique was born in the village of Shahpur, which is 50 kilometers from Sialkot. In Sialkot, he finished both his primary and secondary studies from local schools. He previously held the position of production manager in a factory in Sialkot, Pakistan, about an hour and a half away from his house.

 He has since left the factory job and now devotes all of his time to running his YouTube channel. He claims that his mother taught him all of his abilities, including constructing earthenware stoves and cooking. His dad is a former army driver and two of his younger brothers are YouTubers as well.

Village Food Secrets Career

Every Sunday, according to Siddique, he used to prepare a special meal for his parents. When his brother saw this, he pushed Siddique to start a YouTube vlog. The first films that Siddique filmed were using a cellphone camera; his brother assisted him in setting up the YouTube channel and earning money from it. According to Siddique, his videos had an average of 10–20 views throughout the first six months before some of them became viral and he rose to fame.

village food secrets

 Siddique’s YouTube channel is well-known for featuring organic food prepared in a rural setting with basic tools and utensils like earthenware pots, wooden chopping boards, and a hand-built clay oven; he also produces his own wheat and grinds it into flour. With more than 142,000 subscribers, he also runs a second Vloging channel called Mubashir Siddique.

Village Food Secrets Family

Mubashir is a married man and he has 4 children, two daughters and two sons. He is a private person so his wife does not show up in his videos.

Village Food Secrets Controversy

Siddique declared in November 2019 that he would not conduct any video interviews or permit any media organization to travel with him to his hometown village. This occurred after individuals acting as his visitors took pictures of young schoolgirls and other ladies in his town and a neighboring hamlet, posted them on social media without their permission, and then left the area. No one from outside the village would be permitted to use a camera there, as was agreed upon by Siddique and his village elders.

village food secrets

Village Food Secrets Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Village Food Secrets is $1.3 million as of 2022. The average daily income of the channel is 970 dollars and weekly income of the channel is 6000 dollars. The monthly income of the channel is 27000 dollars and Village Food Secrets earn 470k dollars per year.

Village Food Secrets Height and Weight

Height               5’6”
Weight             70kg
Eye Color         Brown
Hair Color        Black

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