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Nodutu Lokaya

Nodutu Lokaya is an educational Nodutu Lokaya biography YouTube channel based in Sri Lanka. The channel provides information regarding science, space, universe, and astronomy. Nodutu Lokaya is one of the top educational channels in Sri Lanka.

Nodutu Lokaya Biography and Net Worth

Net Worth$110 K
FoundedJanuary 13, 2014
CountrySri Lanka
Videos933 videos
Views90 M
Nodutu Lokaya

Nodutu Lokaya YouTube Channel

With the channel’s formation in January of 2014, Nodutu Lokaya has uploaded hundreds of videos regarding science and astronomy. The videos explain scientific topics and discoveries and majorly focuses on astronomy. Nodutu Lokaya features scientific videos that are narrated to explain various scientific phenomena. The videos are edited using various software including After Effects, Premier Pro, Audacity and Explanido. The videos feature special animations to make the topics more understandable and approachable. The scientific information provided through the YouTube videos is credible and collected from authentic sources.

The channel’s purpose is to provide good knowledge about space, universe, and science to the general public. Nodutu Lokaya has published a total of nine hundred and thirty-three videos each pertaining to a specific scientific topic. The channel has earned great following due to its way of approaching a scientific topic and explaining it in layman’s terms. The videos are accessible to everyone interested in the topics of astronomy and space.

Nodutu Lokaya is an educational channel which has made a name for itself through its credible and authentic knowledge. The topics discussed on the channel are fascinating and very interesting. What makes these videos more accessible and famous is the use of animation and narrations to explain the facts and figures. The channel’s method of using animation and narration to provide education is a tried and tested formula which is widely popular among YouTubers. The audience loves the use of animations, it makes education fun and the animations also help in increasing the understanding regarding the topic.

Nodutu Lokaya approach to providing education is that it should be accessible by all. The Sri Lankan educational YouTube channel is one of the most popular and authentic channels in the country. Since 2014, Nodutu Lokaya has been able to gain a total of nine hundred seventy-seven thousand (977K) subscribers which is a very impressive count for an educational channel. The channel has published nine hundred and thirty-three videos which have been able to secure more than ninety million views.

Nodutu Lokaya

Nodutu Lokaya Popular videos

The videos published on the YouTube channel Nodutu Lokaya are in Sinhala and other native languages of Sri Lanka. Some of the most popular videos of the channel have been able to secure 1.3 million views and eleven thousand likes, while another video has one million views with ten thousand likes.

Nodutu Lokaya Net Worth

The Sri Lankan YouTube channel has an estimated net worth of one hundred and ten thousand dollars ($110K). The channel is estimated to earn almost 1.21 dollars each thousand views it receives. The educational channel has been able to secure close to ninety million views which has helped Nodutu Lokaya to generate a net worth of $110K.

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