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ZaidAliT Vlogs

The YouTube channels, ZaidAliT and ZaidAliT Vlogs are run by Pakistani-Canadian social media star Zaid Ali. His comedic videos that feature the “desi” South Asian culture are well-known. ZaidAliT Vlogs Biography Additionally, he creates videos that contrast how “white” and “brown” people respond to the same circumstance. Zaid is extremely well-liked in Canada, Pakistan, and India. He now focuses on creating family-friendly videos, though. He has two YouTube channels that he uses for his comedic videos and for vlogging.

ZaidAliT Vlogs Biography and Net Worth

Net Worth                         $3 million
Full Name                          Zaid Ali Tahir
Birth Date                          July 2, 1995
Age                                      27 years
Birthplace                          Waterloo, Canada
Profession                         YouTuber
Wife                                    Yumna Ali

ZaidAliT Early Life

Zaid Ali was born on July 2, 1995, in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, into a middle-class Muslim household. He was brought to Pakistan at a young age, attended school there, then relocated to Canada for higher education, eventually earning a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) from the University of Waterloo in Toronto. Apart from his lovely mother, Naheed Kausar and father Waqar Ahmed, Zaid also has a younger sister named Amna Tahir and a brother. Zaid began his YouTube journey at a young age, explored a new environment, and established himself there, just like any other YouTuber.\

ZaidAliT Vlogs

ZaidAliT Career

On March 7, 2010, he originally registered the name ZaidAliT for a YouTube channel, where he started releasing videos regarding desi South Asian culture. Many of you won’t believe that he created various female characters that the viewers adored when he was just 14 years old and had his first channel. Everyone enjoyed watching the movies made by his family and friends, but in 2015 a major turning point occurred that increased the level for his channel when he began producing videos about “On the lives of “brown” people,” “PILLOW FIGHT PRANK!” and “WEED PRANK GONE WRONG!” among other topics.

As time went on, his fame increased to the point where he had to launch another channel “ZaidAliT Vlogs” and begin vlogging. The famous Vlog on his Vlogging channel is with his wife and this channel gained more subscribers than his main channel. ZaidAliT Vlogs has 3.52 million subscribers and ZaidAliT has 672k subscribers.

ZaidAliT Vlogs

ZaidAliT Wife

Zaid and Yumna decided to get married on August 19, 2017, and since then, they have mainly appeared in his vlogs. By God’s mercy, Zaid’s family also grew with the birth of their new son, Izyan Ali Zaid, on August 18, 2021.

ZaidAliT Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Zaid Ali is $3 million as of 2022. Zaid is living the life of luxury he has always wanted. He owns a stunning condo in Waterloo, one of the priciest areas of Canada.

 Although he recently purchased his dream home, the apartment he was living in was worth more than $1 million overall. His dream car, a BMW I8, cost him $169,900 in total. He purchased it in Canada. In spite of having that, he recently purchased a brand-new BMW 330I M Sport for his wife Yumna. The cost of the vehicle in Canada is $49,000.

ZaidAliT Awards

Zaid is the recipient of PISA 2020 and Hum Awards 2020 in the category of Social Media Awards.

ZaidAliT Height and Weight

Height                            5’8”
Weight                           70kg
Eye Color                        Brown
Hair Color                       Black

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