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Rod Serling

The Twilight Zone and Rodman Edward Serling’s live television plays from the 1950s are among two of the American screenwriter, dramatists, and television producers’ best-known works. He was referred to as the “angry young man” of Hollywood and frequently fought with sponsors and television executives over topics like censorship, racism, and war.

Rod Serling Biography And Net Worth

Net Worth                        $10 million
Full Name                         Rodman Edward Serling
Birth Date                        Dec 25, 1924
Died                                   June 28, 1975                                
Birthplace                        Syracuse, New York, U.S.
Profession                       Television Producer, Actor, Screenwriter, Playwright
Wife                                  Carol Kramer​  
Rod Serling

Rod Serling Early Life

Esther and Samuel Serling welcomed Rod into the world on December 25, 1924, in New York. He was raised in Binghamton after his family relocated there in 1926. Since Serling was known as the class clown in elementary school, few of his teachers paid him much attention. Immediately following his 1943 graduation from Binghamton Central High School, Serling enlisted in the American military. He returned from the war with wounds, a purple heart, and emotional scars that would last the rest of his life due to witnessing the brutality of human nature and abrupt death. At Antioch College in Ohio, Serling enrolled in the physical education course. However, his passion for broadcasting caused him to rethink his mind, and switch to literature as his major.                                 

Rod Sterling Career Beginnings

Rod chose to become a writer after graduating from college. Before succeeding on television, he worked at radio stations. He wrote 8 episodes of “Lux Video Theater” between 1952 and 1953. Over the ensuing years, he continued to pen special episodes of numerous television programs. The program, titled “Patterns,” was a huge success and resulted in a flurry of job offers for Serling.

Rod Serling Success

Rod and his family relocated to Los Angeles in 1957 and he was one of the most sought-after writers in American television at this stage in his career. But despite his success and popularity, Serling frequently fought with the corporate sponsors of his shows, who frequently insisted on script changes. The Time Element was the title of one of his early science fiction scripts. The script took a year to be produced, and it was yet another great hit. Riding high, Serling began work on “The Twilight Zone,” a television series. The Twilight Zone was very popular, even in reruns and reboots today, it continues to be popular.

Rod Serling Awards

Serling received a Golden Globe Award in 1963 for Best TV Producer/Director. In addition, he received three Writers Guild of America Awards, a Peabody Award, and six Primetime Emmy Awards.

Rod Serling

Rod Serling Wife

Carol Kramer, a fellow university student who first turned him down because of his reputation for being flirty, became Serling’s wife in 1948.

Rod Serling’s Net Worth

When Rod Serling passed away in 1975, his net worth was $2 million, which is equivalent to almost $10 million in today’s money after inflation is taken into account. In 1966, Rod paid CBS $285,000, or the equivalent of $2.3 million today, for a portion of his ownership and rights to The Twilight Zone.

Rod Serling Death

In 1975, he had a small heart attack and was hospitalized; however, when he had another attack two weeks later. Two days later, he passed away, his age at the time was just 50.


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