TV Derana is a Sri Lankan entertainment channel that is broadcasted in Sri Lanka

tv derana

TV Derana is a Sri Lankan entertainment channel that is broadcasted in Sri Lanka. Its transmission tower is located on Kikilimana Mountain and is transmitted through eight transmission towers. Currently its rated No.1 in Sri Lanka and it focuses on high-end programming. The channel has two socio-economic categorizations, SEC A and SEC B. The channel is available through digital mediums such as Dialog TV, PEO TV, and GLUUOO.

TV Derana is a Sri Lankan entertainment channel

Net worth            $11.57 million
Country               Sri Lanka
Founder               Powerhouse LTD                                Dilith Jayaweera
Created                11 0ctober 2005
Views                    3.4 billion
Videos                  20,042
Subscribers         3.9 million

TV Derana was launched on 11 October, 2005 in Sri Lanka. TV Derana serves as an entertainment channel and as a news channel as well. Derana was to upload content on the Sri Lankan values such as the “Ape De Rakagena, Aluth De Aragena” platform. The channel is broadcasted for 16 hours per day and has news and entertainment content.

TV Derana YouTube

TV Derana is available on YouTube as well. Its channel name is @tvderanaofficial. The channel made its YouTube channel on 24 January, 2012 and is the most popular channel in Sri Lanka. TV Derana has almost 3.9 million subscribers on YouTube.  The number of videos posted by the channel is 20,042. Each video gets an average of 1k+ likes and the average number of comments is 88. TV Derana’s total view count is 3.4 billion. Sri Lanka-based channel is famous in the whole country. It also serves as a news channel on YouTube giving views on political and other important issues.

tv derana

Derana Channel Content

Derana runs for almost 16 hours per day airing between 05:00-24:00. It provides a huge range of dramas, reality shows, kid’s programs, music, news, and variety shows. “Ada Derana” is TV Derana’s news brand and is rated no.1 in Sri Lanka as it provides all the breaking news within seconds. Derana is available in English, Sinhala, and Tamil. In 2007, Ada Derana made a deal with Dialog Telekom, the largest mobile phone operator in Sri Lanka Ada Derana 24 is a 24-hour news channel broadcasted in Sri Lanka and it is the first-ever news channel that broadcasts 24 hours. The channel broadcasts Hourly News that is broadcasted every hour, 12:00 Mid-Day Prime in Sinhala, 06:00 PM Prime Time News in Sinhala, First At 9 09:00 in English, World News at 09:35 in English, and Late-Night Prime at 10:00 in Sinhala.

In 2009 TV Derana started Derana Dream Star and has made a total of 9 seasons. It is a music reality show.

TV Derana Popular Videos

TV Derana’s most viewed video in August was Sangeethe Episode 873 which was posted on 26th August 2022. Sangeethe Episode 874 has almost 581K likes and is the second most viewed video.

tv derana

Net Worth

TV Derana’s estimated net worth is $11.57 million. It is said to be near $11.57 million but the final net worth is not known now. This is only based on the total earnings from YouTube. TV Derana’s monthly income is ranged from $51K – $1.1M and its yearly earnings are ranged from $620.3k – $14M.

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